How to Accessorize | Bold Stripes & Florals

What? I actually took some outfit photos this morning, can you believe it? I know that one of my more popular posts is when I talk about what I wear but honestly to get up in time in the morning to snap a few pics before I walk out the door is a lot. Couple that with the fact that since I’ve moved some furniture around, I don’t have a good indoor dedicated space to take outfit pics. So you get me with washed out feet this morning. Oh well.
I’ve done a lot of reassessing of my wardrobe for summer and figuring out what I do and don’t need. I definitely need more bottoms (shorts, skirts, capris) so I swung by Macy’s and picked up this very cute bold floral print skirt on sale for about $30. My husband is not a huge fan of the floral and stripes combo when it’s overly exaggerated but he told me that he liked my combo a lot this morning. The trick is making the size of the prints about the same size, not too big or too exaggerated. I also love this little t-shirt from the Gap outlet. The buttons down the back make it a little bit more fun than your average crew neck t-shirt. I wish all my t-shirts were like this. Perhaps there will be some summer t-shirt DIY’s in my future…
I figured I’m just going to have to embrace the suddenly summer like temperatures we have here in DC and go for bold pattern and color. I woke up feeling really refreshed and good this morning. A long weekend away with the husband and the day spent at home yesterday did me well. Oh and the excitement of a shortened work week that ends in a trip to NYC this weekend doesn’t hurt either 😉 Did you have a good long weekend?

  • What I’m Wearing
  • Skirt, Charter Club
  • T-shirt, Gap Outlet
  • Sandals, DSW
  • Necklace, Filene’s Basement
  • Watch, Timex Weekender

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