How I Really Feel About Blogs These Days

Trash...and I think the husband has a spring cold #marchphotoaday
Lately I’ve been talking a lot about blogging with folks. Everyone has a blog these days or wants to start one. For some there has been some great fortune and fame but for me blogging started as a project that turned into a great creative outlet for me. I don’t see how some folks actually live off of blogging (kudos to you that do) I just do this for fun. This is why my posting is now so much less than when I first started and wanted to build readers. Cutting back has helped me really enjoy blogging again – there’s no pressure! But what I am noticing is that there is a shift in the blogosphere.

I told someone last year I thought blogging had reached a peak. The web is now oversaturated with street style, what I wore, beauty and lifestyle blogs. Twitter sounds more like folks fighting to get someone’s attention instead of some of the great conversations that used to be had online. I unsubscribed from a lot of blogs I used to read because their content became commercials for other brands. Once bloggers started getting agents everyone wanted a piece of the pie and I think some expectations started to get ridiculous. And in the midst of it all, I just kept blogging the way that felt most comfortable to me. I’m not in this for money or even products (some of the product perks are nice, I won’t lie) but I love the community that comes from blogging.

I’ve made some great friends via this blog and Twitter. There are some people I’ve never met but when their email hits my inbox I smile and laugh with them like we’re old friends. I think the internet is amazing because of that. But unfortunately I start to frown when I see in my inbox the spam messages and emails that are like how can I get free stuff? Will you like my Facebook page? I even get frustrated by the emails from PR folks for things that 1. don’t have anything to do with my blog and 2. I never asked to be signed up for to get information. I killed my Facebook fanpage a while ago because I hate how much Facebook captures about people. I barely even post on my personal page these days.

If I never blogged another day my makeup collection would still be insane, I would still buy a million pairs of shoes and my accessories collection would continue to grow. I don’t have intentions on quitting this blog anytime soon but I do have intentions of not responding to emails that don’t feel genuine and tweets to get me to check out your blog. I’m over all of that, I really am.

I guess what my mini rant is saying is that if you want my advice on blogging – be genuine. Talk about what you love and share that with folks. I don’t photograph my outfit every day because I don’t love what I wear every day and I don’t have time to do that every day either. Stop looking at stats and think about if you wrote something funny or witty or bold. Take your own pictures. Actually swatch makeup or show us what it looks like on you (I hate nothing more than just a photo of a tube of lipstick – what does it look like on your lips?!) and be honest. Do all of that and I will gladly add you to my Google Reader.

10 thoughts on “How I Really Feel About Blogs These Days

  1. Great article 🙂 I ann just shy of my year on blogging and I really enjoy it ! I agree with u I only follow blogs that are inspiring and human! Not a sales pitch! Blogging has opened my eyes to so much ! Meeting new people is the best perk , someone who loves and understands ur weakness -fashion! Lol I applaud u for staying grounded 🙂


  2. Thanks for your honesty. I feel like I’ve cut back on my blogging a lot in the past 10 years. I am busy living my life! You can’t write about the moment unless you experience it first. (I also find it easy to use instagram for a quick photo blog instead of a giant picture heavy post.)

    I enjoy your outfits of the day and accessories and recipies – those res velvet cookies were yummy! But honestly posting less helps me to read more too because if someone posts daily I start to skip some of those posts.

    I started posting pics of my nails on my blog for fun. I only do it when it’s fun & when I have time. Just wanted you to know I completely understand where you’re coming from & I will keep reading even if you post less often.

    Marilyn aka bananacave

  3. You’re one of two blogs I follow regularly and it is because I feel your sincerity coming through. You’re exactly right, you may not have time or like the outfit you wear everyday but when you do post your blogs I can see that you are truly genuine.

  4. Please keep blogging. I love your site! I must thank you for the Hobo Warehouse sale post. I snagged to great leather bags and a few wallets yesterday (June 2). Thank you!!

  5. This is such a great post and I can relate to it 100%. I stopped blogging for quite some time for many of the same reasons you shared. I recently started a new blog and I am blogging on my terms and that is all that matters.

  6. You are so right! We should blog just because we want to, not because we are trying to get something from someone. I have a music blog where I share my thoughts about the musical journey that I’m on. At times, I feel like I’m an outsider in the blog world because most of the blogs that I read are about beauty/fashion/food/decor. Those seem to be the kind of blogs that get the most attention and I’ve been tempted in the past to try and turn my blog into one of those types of blogs so that I can be more popular in the blog world and “fit in”. But, my passion is music, and that’s what I’m most happy writing about, so I’m trying to keep it that way (although it can be difficult at times!).

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