A Kitchen Refresh

Source: joann.com via Dana on Pinterest


This October I will have lived in my townhouse for six years. I love my home and fill it with things I love so that I will always want to be at home. But after six years I need some changes decor wise and Pinterest and design blogs will be the death of me. I did buy new fabric for the curtains for my sliding glass door in the kitchen (see above). Joann’s was having a sale and I bought 7 yards for under $60 (and got free shipping). You can’t beat that for curtains.

Source: etsy.com via Dana on Pinterest


I’m also eyeballing fun and unique light fixtures for my kitchen too. Oh and I need knew kitchen chairs, my lovely green leather ones are tearing at the seat and they don’t make replacement seats in my lovely lime green anymore. Sigh…I just want to update the textiles, maybe even replace one of my paint colors. I just feel like I need something fresh and new. So help me out, what are your sources for inspiration? Any good boards I should follow on Pinterest? I’m looking for all kinds of ways to inspire myself.

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