Salt, Shoes, Skulls and Juice

I’m sorry I was MIA last week but I was enjoying the beginnings of summer! The temperatures have definitely spiked and I’ve been outdoors as lot. Everything from riding my bike over a major bridge to an outdoor Childish Gambino concert on Saturday (I might be getting too old for that – a drunk guy spilled beer on me within 30 seconds of getting to my seat). So I thought I’d share a few things that have delighted me in the last week.
I don’t know if you’re a member of but I’m obsessed with this daily deals site. They’re not like other fashion sale sites, this is more about art and lifestyle and I love this site. I was waiting for a Foodie Friday to come around again so I could order Unicorn Salt by the folks at Beautiful Briny Sea Salt. I love this stuff. I rubbed it on tiger shrimp that we threw on the grill – delicious!
Asos Brogues
I also ordered a cute pair of wingtips from Asos the other day on sale.They’re leather upper in a creamy pale pink/nude color with highlighter pink bottoms. LOVE! I also order them via a link through which a friend told me about years ago and I’m somehow just starting to use them now. I go to Ebates to find coupon codes and then use their link and get cash back from purchases. Quarterly you get a check or a deposit directly into your PayPal account – I don’t know why I wasn’t do this all along. I shop a lot online and they’ve got a lot of stores in their program.
I also scored the other day in DSW and found the cutest LeSportsac rose gold sequin skull and crossbones tote. I’ve already made it clear about my obsession with LeSportsac so this just made my day to find this on clearance for $18.
And over the weekend my husband and I picked up a juicer for $50 at GNC. I don’t want to go on a juice diet (I’m sorry, I’d just be starving) but I do love fresh juice and mixing it up so we dropped $50 on a basic juicer. Yesterday we made a grapefruit carrot ginger juice and a blueberry carrot juice. I see something with peaches in my future too. It’s a refreshing way to start my morning. So that’s been my last week, what have you been up to?

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