Albert Einstein & Carrot Cake Cookies

One of the things I love the most about living in Washington, DC are all of the monuments and historical sites. It’s insane that I pass the United States Capitol daily or the Washington monument and I try not to take it for granted but sometimes you do. The other day I realized I hadn’t been to the Albert Einstein memorial in ages, so long in fact I couldn’t remember exactly where it was and it has always been a favorite of mine. My heart must’ve known I needed to see old Al because I ended up making a left turn up a street that was a dead end and there was Albert sitting on the bench waiting for me. It made my day. I asked my husband if he had ever seen Albert Einstein and he hadn’t! All these years living/working in DC and he hadn’t seen this gem. I took him there after work he was quite impressed and surprised he had never seen this huge statue before.
Carrot cake cookies
And speaking of the husband…today is his birthday. I swear I get more excited about it than he does and more excited than I do about my own birthday. He requested carrot cake for his day and I made him carrot cake cookies to take to work and share with his coworkers (we do not need an entire carrot cake in our house). I must say, they’re pretty tasty, the cream cheese filling is really yummy. It was a nice departure from chocolate and it made his morning that much more special. I’m off to celebrate his birthday today (and then see Magic Mike tomorrow – don’t judge me). Have a great weekend!

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