Mario Badescu Silver Powder

With the storms that ripped through the area over the weekend my sister lost power, but we were fortunate enough to not have lost power and to have enough room in our house to let my sisters stay over the weekend. On Sunday ABW and I went to grab lunch at Panera and go to the new Ulta in my neck of the woods. We walked in saying I was only going to buy 1 thing and then almost $70 each later we left with lots of goodies.
One of the things ABW picked up was the Mario Badescu Silver Powder. A Mario Badescu rep was in Ulta and she was absolutely delightful. She was knowledgeable, not pushy at all and had great recommendations. She loved us even more when I told her I was already a Mario Badescu fan, so that’s all Anne needed to try something new.
I should’ve taken a before photo but I just took pictures with my cell phone. I had been complaining to myself about how my nose had a few blackheads and that I really needed a facial but didn’t have facial money in the budget. The Silver Powder was $12, you put a damp cotton round in the powder, swipe in on your face where you have blackheads, let it sit for 10 minutes and then wipe off with astringent. My sister and I laughed at each for 10 minutes with this white paste on our faces but after 10 minutes and a swipe of the cotton pad I had a beautifully clear nose!
We were both really impressed with the results so I now have another Mario Badescu item to add to my love list for the future. I definitely need to pick up my own jar to keep my pores super clean all year!

6 thoughts on “Mario Badescu Silver Powder

  1. You are right on time DWJ! I need something like this to kind of help get the gunk out. I also don’t have a budget for facials and this seems like it is in the right price range!!! THANK YOU! (runs to Ulta)

  2. Confession, I am addicted to Biore strips for the nose and this sounds like it does the same kind of thing. I’m about to go order some online, I don’t have an Ulta near me.

  3. just read your post and i really need to try this. So glad I found it here in Germany too. Thanks for sharing.

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