Old Is New | How to Accessorize for an Earthquake {From the Archives}

Since I’m taking a little break I thought I’d pull out a few posts from the past to help re-energize me and perhaps give you a glimpse into my blogging past. This post originally appeared on August 24, 2011.
As I’m sure you heard, we had a little earthquake here on the east coast yesterday. A 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Mineral, Va was felt quite strongly here in DC (I was at work when it happened) and up and down the east coast and even as far west as Ohio! Well, this is what I was wearing when we had an earthquake in DC! LOL Yesterday was definitely exciting and being married to a structural engineer meant we talked about it and structures in our area all evening. I’m just happy that everyone appears to be safe and okay in our area, but man that was scary!
Back to the outfit details. You may remember this outfit from a post I did when I was featuring a PONO necklace. I haven’t worn this combination since then but I was in the mood for pants yesterday and these subtle grey pinstripe pants screamed for some color. So my pink shirt was at the top of the pile in my drawer and an outfit was made. I can tell that summer is winding down, I’m in the mood to wear pants again. I kind of have a strict no pants policy all summer long (I also insist on showing my toes all summer long) but I’m starting to crave my light weight wide leg pants and maybe even buy a pair of cropped skinny pants. I’m a little sad to see summer go, I love the long days and sunshine much more than the cold and dreary dark days.

What I’m Wearing: Top, Old Navy | Pants, Gap | Shoes, Naturalizer | Necklace, Daphne Olive

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