Michael Jackson Immortal
I took a week off and reposted a few old posts but in the last week lots of things happened. I saw the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour in DC and it was MAJOR. Words can’t even describe it, it was just phenomenal. This was my second Cirque show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We bought our tickets almost 2 years ago and had first row for our section and it was worth every single penny we paid. I would’ve paid more it was that good. And in the intermission of the show I got a message that mygirlfriend was in labor. She was actually giving birth at the hospital across the street from me so when she was finally ready to push she told me to come on over.
Jaxon Grant
I was there to witness the birth of my newest godson, Jax. He was a small 6 pounds 14 ounces but he is just a bundle of cuteness. And whenever anyone asks me what I thought about childbirth I say, “20% gross 80% amazing.” It really is amazing what the female body can do! I was in awe. I can’t stop kissing his tiny feet and telling him how much I love him when I snuggle him, I’m so happy he’s here. His older brother is my first godson and I hope to have the same great relationship with Jax that I do with his brother.
Jaxon Grant
And another source of pride, his parents brought the blanket I knit him to the hospital. The nurses and the hospital photographer told my girlfriend they loved it and it made me feel so proud. A little something I made by hand with love to keep him warm. Not a bad week, huh?

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