A Weekend of Craftiness & Bargains

If I could, I think I would spend my days being as crafty as possible. I can sew a little bit (I’m not perfect but I have some nice skirts I’ve made hanging in my closet), I can paint and I’ve shown on the blog here how much I love knitting. I’m even teaching myself how to crochet too. This weekend was pretty low key so I decided to sew up a blanket with sleeves (aka a Snuggie) for my older godson in a basketball print fleece. He’s obsessed with basketball at the age of 11 and he was equally obsessed with his Mom’s zebra print blanket with sleeves I made for her birthday. I figured it was time for him to have one of his own. I also decided while I was sewing up his blanket to make his little brother a cow print minky blanket to match his car seat. If you’re interested in making either I’ve found easy to follow tutorials on the web here and here.
I’ve also started to prep the yarn for another baby blanket for a friend having a little girl. I’m really excited about this blanket because she gave me an unconventional color palette – purple (her favorite color), yellow and orange! I love fun, bright and vivid color palettes so I’m excited to pick the stitches I’ll use and see how this will come together. Once I finish this blanket I’ll show it and the one I finished up last week.
Fall shopping
I also did a little impromptu fall shopping this weekend. I walked into TJ Maxx on Friday evening and fell in love with these rust colored cotton pants. Since I can’t wear jeans to work and I HATE khakis with a passion I was praying these pants would fit me and they did! Oh and they were only $30 – score! I also picked up the teal boat neck top too and thought how it’s a great pairing of blue and orange for fall. I’m always all about color so this will really be two great pieces worn together or added to what I already own in the wardrobe.
New shoes
I also added these Nine West mid height floral print heels to my bag. They were 40% off at DSW, the heel height wasn’t ridiculous and they’d match a lot of the bold color already in my wardrobe. I see this and a great burnt orange statement lip in my fall future. So that was my crafty and bargain shopping weekend, did you have a good weekend?

2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Craftiness & Bargains

    • I’m not the world’s greatest sewer but I can make curtains, sew up a blanket and make a skirt. My grandma and my Dad both sewed so I get it from them!

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