Lip Service | Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Gloss

I bought my first Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss in October 2008 and I have about twenty different colors in my collection. To say I’m a fan of the line is an understatement. It’s the only lip gloss that I’ve ever finished a tube of, I love it that much. Well Buxom has extended their line and this month they’ve introduced the Full-Bodied collection in 10 new shades. They sent me 5 out of 10 colors to test out.
First I should point out that the tubes are smaller in size but not in product. I took a picture of the old sized tubes compared to the new and I prefer the new short and pudgy tube. The previous formulas also had a minty tingle to them that I like – but this formula did not. Some folks might enjoy that the tingle is gone. I’m okay either way.
What I love about these is the coverage. They’re sheer in coverage but still have a great juicy pigment to the color. I LOVE how these feel on the lips. I can apply them without any lip balm on my lips and they don’t dry me out or feel sticky or tight. They’re packed with vitamin E and jojoba oil and you can definitely feel it in the coverage. The colors I swatched on my arm in order are:

  • OMG: A sparkly deep berry shade, very pretty for evening and I think pretty stunning on brown skin.
  • Hot Mama: A scarlet red that reminds me of biting into a juicy red apple. Gorgeous.
  • Hey Baby: My favorite in the bunch, it’s a shimmering fuchsia that is just gorgeous.
  • Yow: My second favorite in the bunch, a very pretty and soft pearl pink. This is a almost like a nude on me and I will probably wear this color until there’s nothing left in the tube.
  • YOO-HOO: A shimmering nude that could almost be a bit too light on me but with a little liner it’s perfect.

The colors are all available at Sephora and retail for $19 a tube. Since I love Buxom I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking up the other five colors in the collection very soon. I highly recommend these.

3 thoughts on “Lip Service | Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Gloss

  1. Oooh they look really pretty. I hate sticky lip gloss so I might have to check these out if you say you can slick them on without lip balm first.

  2. Now I have to add this to my ever growing list of what to pick up when I’m at Sephora. I have two other Buxom glosses and I really like them but I never liked the minty sting but I fought through it. I’m happy these don’t have it!

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