A Weekend of Celebrations!

I’m happy that the weekend is here, this week of work seemed to drag on forever. Besides, Saturday and Sunday will mark two great things to celebrate! Saturday is my BFF Jess of Design Wonderland’s birthday! We’re only the same age for about 2 weeks before I turn a year older but celebrations with Jess are always great. AND she came back to Maryland for her birthday! YAY! Although if she hadn’t I probably would’ve been in NY this weekend.
Happy Anniversary
And my second celebration of the weekend – my parent’s will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. They’ve been married five times longer than my husband and I have. I thought my 9 years was a milestone – what will I do when we get to 45?! And what do my parents want to do for their anniversary? Have a family dinner on Sunday. A low key way to celebrate but I’m happy to be included and think it’s amazing that they’ve been married that long. Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you have a few things (big or small) to celebrate this weekend too.

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