DIY Sugar Scrub

Some reason, last week I decided I wanted to make my own body scrub. I’ve had this grand idea before but never really executed it and then finally I just said I’m doing this! And once I did it, I wondered why I had never done this before?! It’s so simple, easy and inexpensive.
Here’s what you need:

  • A container. I picked up this inexpensive one from the Container Store. It reminds me of the jars that I get when I buy scrub from places like Bath & Body Works.
  • Sugar or Salt. I decided to go with sugar because salt can be so irritating on the skin if you have a knick or cut.
  • Carrier Oil. I had grapeseed oil already in my pantry from another DIY but you can use almond oil, baby oil, olive oil…whatever is your preferred moisturizing oil of choice. I really like grapeseed oil, it’s really nourishing.
  • Essential Oil. If you’d like for this to be scented I’d suggest picking out your favorite scent in an essential oil. I get mine from Whole Foods and I always have peppermint in my house and I picked up lemongrass as well.

To make your own scrub is simple. It’s a 2 to 1 ratio of sugar to oil. For this container I used 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of oil. Add in a few drops of your essential oils and then mix away. I like to put a little bit of the oil on the bottom, then pout in sugar and then pour the rest of the oil on top. I used a plastic knife to really mix it up. I like to let the mixture sit overnight and then the next day it’s good to slather all over your body. I love this stuff and my skin feels fantastic! Once you mix up a batch once, you’ll wonder why you never made this stuff before. Seriously.


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