Limited Edition Colors of Maybelline Great Lash

I don’t know if you heard but Maybelline decided to release four limited edition shades of their Great Lash Mascara – for one month only, August. Of course this meant I was on the hunt and I thought I’d find it online before I found it in store but I was wrong. So on Friday when I got off of work at 1pm I decided to check out the 4 drugstores by my house in search of this mascara. I was successful after the first stop to Rite Aid. And not only did I find them, they were on sale with buy one get one free. Score!
They come in four colors: Blink of Blue, Go Go Green, Totally Teal and Pop of Purple. I bought all four and two extra purple for two friends. Since I only open my mascara when I’m ready to use it I’ll only be opening these one at a time. Today I opened Blink of Blue and it’s a love deeply blue shade that reminds me a lot of another favorite blue mascara that I already own. In regards to the formula, I’m a sucker for Maybelline Great Lash since that was the very first mascara I ever bought myself in high school (of course in an obnoxious shade of bright green). For me, the formula really extends my lashes but if I want thickening/volume I apply a base coat of another mascara and then apply the tinted mascara on top to get that pop of color. So have any of you spotted the displays yet? Are you going to pick some up?

One thought on “Limited Edition Colors of Maybelline Great Lash

  1. Okay, now I’m on a hunt. I don’t have a Rite Aid near me but hopefully my CVS will have one. I’ve been a Great Lash fan for forever and the Teal might be exactly what I’m looking for.

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