Long Weekends

With my fall wardrobe prep I always love to reference my @luckymagazine shopping guides.
I extended my long weekend to take a few extra days off from work. It was my birthday gift to myself. I’m also taking this time to move some of my super summery stuff and pull up the fall stuff in my wardrobe – since everyone is cramming it down my throat that summer is gone. Although it will still be hot as hell here in DC I know that with September comes the cravings to wear more fall stuff. So transition I will, even though I’ll be in transition mode until October.
Birthday @swatchus #itsmybirthday
My husband gave me this fabulous Swatch for my birthday (husbands are great) and a gorgeous emerald green Coach duffle. He’s a good man, I’ll keep him. My parents gave me a little birthday cash so I used it add a few pairs of pants and skirts to my fall wardrobe as well. I see a lot of pink in my future and some posts about that will come as well. For now, I’m just going to enjoy my time off and play dress up in my closet. Happy Tuesday!

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