Bold Baby Knits

I have been a little bored with the fashion week shows I’ve seen lately, so I thought I’d share my completed knitting projects today since I hadn’t posted for a few days. Now that I’ve finished these two blankets I’ve got lots of free time to work on knitting up fall pieces for my soon to be Etsy shop – YAY!
I have two girlfriends who were having baby girls but they both had completely different tastes and color palettes. For baby Kennedy I did a pink, green and brown color scheme with stitches that alternated between diagonals and stripes.
I love learning new stitches and seeing what combinations will work together. I thought this combo was pretty quick and easy to do.
For baby Opal I was given the color combo of orange and yellow with a bit of purple if I could make it work. I think I made it work out quite nicely if I do say so myself!
Opal's Blanket
I tried to find a stitch that I could easily learn that might mimic an O in the pattern for Opal and this is what I came up with. I also used a variegated yarn with orange, yellow, pink and purple in it to pull all the O color blocks together.
Opal's Blanket
I even had enough left to make a little hat to match for when she’s in the hospital instead of those generic pink and blue hats they put on every baby. Making teeny tiny hats is so easy and quick and they are the sweetest little things. Oh how I love it.
Opal's Blanket
So that’s what I’ve been up to knitting wise. I’ve got some beauty buys and purchases I’ve made recently for fall that I hope to share later this week!

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