Knowledge Is King

Yesterday I took a taxi to my alma mater to speak about design for one of my friends who is a professor. I do this every semester and it’s fun to be in the classroom. I was chatting up my taxi driver on the way to campus and we had a lovely conversation. He’s from Ethiopia, has a few children, loves his hybrid Camry taxi cab, etc. As we were pulling onto campus he asked me if I thought he was too old to go back to school, was it a waste. I of course responded, “NO! Education is never a waste and you’re never too old to learn something.” He then asked me about getting his GED, I perked up because my mother has worked for years in adult education and English as a second language. Of course I was going to encourage him to do that too. I told him that sometimes you just need someone to say that you can do it, so I was telling him that he could do it. I hoped that I could be that push to get him to do what he clearly seemed to be interested in. He told me he was glad I got in his cab and I was glad I did too. I kind of love moments like that, ya know?

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