Candy Corn Cuteness

A lot has happened in the two weeks since I posted. I’ve been travelling, working, knitting…oh and there was a hurricane that came through our area. I feel horrible for the folks in New Jersey and New York who have lost so much. We got it pretty mildly here in Maryland and I only had some minor flooding in my basement and I couldn’t imagine losing my home. So in the midst of that devastation I thought I’d share something that just makes me smile.
Candy Corn Before & After
I’m not a huge Halloween person but when I saw this pattern for a candy corn costume to knit in September I called my girlfriend and asked if this would be too embarrassing for my godson. She thought it was too cute and I prepared to knit this little cocoon and pointy cap, perfect for a 3 month old. It even had little arm holes so he could get his fingers in his mouth. And yesterday when I took his picture I found out that it was national candy corn day – so appropriate! Happy Halloween!

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