3 Delicious Things

Doing something different tonight, brussel sprouts!
I never had Brussels sprouts until last week. I found out that my mother hates them which would probably be why I’ve never tried them before but to my surprise and my husband’s we like them a lot in our household. I’m not a huge cabbage fan but man did I love these tasty sprouts. I slow cooked short ribs in an Asian based sauce and then sauteed Brussels sprouts in a little olive oil with red onion, salt and pepper and then used the same sauce for the beef to glaze the sprouts. They were delicious and my husband had seconds of the sprouts and asked me to make more the next day. That’s a vegetable victory in my book.
Tea, my first macaroon and earl grey ice cream with @jesswonderland #perfection
When I went to NYC the other weekend I made my normal trip over to SOHO to stock up at Harney & Sons Tea Shop with Jess. Their decaffeinated earl grey tea rocks my world like nobody’s business (without upsetting my stomach like super strong earl grey tea typically does). While we were in the shop we decided to take a break and actually have tea in their tiny tea room in the back of the store. This was the best tea time I’ve ever had and having tea at Harney’s has to be a new tradition from now on. I’d never had a macaroon before and I had an earl grey one that was just divine, along with earl grey ice cream (a favorite of mine) and a Vietnamese earl grey that was so delicious. Not only was the service great but it was so inexpensive! I highly recommend it if you haven’t been there before.
Brooklyn tastes good.
And since I’m on a roll with things that taste good, I had a sip of Brooklyn while in NYC and it was delightful. My husband is from Brooklyn and you can’t tell him there’s a greater city in the world so I thought it was appropriate to pick up an Olde Brooklyn soda. I love a black cherry soda and this one was just the right amount of sweet with a mild taste to it. Very yummy. So those are my three delicious things, have a great weekend!

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