3 Things

Holiday cups @caribou_coffee means gingerbread is here! HOORAY!
I’m not ready for the holidays. How is it November already? The only thing that is making me okay with the fact that the holiday season is upon us is that Caribou Coffee has gingerbread back in their shops – HOORAY!
Essie Butler Please is the most gorgeous blue polish I've ever seen. #nailpolish
I’m so not holiday festive and chic either, I’ve been rocking bright blue nails lately. I’m mildly obsessed with Essie’s Butler Please but it chips on me like crazy. The color is so gorgeous and vivid I’m willing to reapply.
I am mildly obsessed with @berrocodesign Versa yarn. Now I need to make a scarf for this hat. #yarn #knitting #colorful
Work has been a bit hectic for the last few months and I’m exhausted. I’m now counting down the days to my Thanksgiving vacation and it can’t come soon enough. What else has been keeping me calm? Knitting. The latest Martha Stewart Living magazine has an article about how knitting is soothing because the yarn is like stroking a pet. Well, I don’t have pets but I do have an abundance of soft yarn. I’m hoping it will keep my blood pressure levels low and my nerves less frazzled. Besides, I need to knit away for the holidays, hats, scarfs and gifts galore! So there are three things new with me, what’s new with you?

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