Digitize Your Memories | ScanMyPhotos.com

A few months ago I bought a Groupon for ScanMyPhotos.com for my Mom. She had been talking about how she wanted to reorganize and get some of our old family photos scanned. For a while I researched scanners and then I realized that I didn’t want to do all that because it would take me forever (and I knew I’d be the one who would have to scan them all). So I spent the $29 for the Groupon to get 500 photos scanned and it was totally worth it.
Five hundred of our family memories have been scanned and put on a disc that I then uploaded to my Flickr account. I paid extra to have the images scanned in the order I sent them and for multiple shapes and sizes. All in all I spent about $60 totally but that was much better than me trying to do all of this and crop them all by myself.
It’s cool to now have a digital archive that my sisters and I can share have prints made of the memories we love so much. Seeing things like my sisters love of stickers on her face, or me constantly talking in photos or my oldest sister always holding me or pushing my stroller because I was ‘her baby’ make me smile. So if you’ve been thinking about doing it yourself, I highly recommend ScanMyPhotos.com, it was quick easy and they returned my photos wrapped even neater than I sent them!

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