Segway, the Only Way to Travel

Segway Tour
On Sunday my husband and my cousin who is in college in DC went on a DC tour via segway. I bought a Groupon a while back for a segway tour through Bike the Sites so my Dad could go but he ended up going out of town. My 20 year old cousin had apparently always wanted to ride a segway and she jumped at the chance when we invited her to come with us.
Segway Tour
I have to admit I was a bit more of a cautious rider than those two but I could tell how much fun they had. They were zipping and racing around the Lincoln monument and smoothly navigating the DC streets. By the time the two and half hour tour was over even I didn’t want to get off the segway.
Segway Tour
It was so much fun we even got over having to wear yellow helmets (obviously safety first but could the helmets have at least been black?!).
Segway Tour
I love that I work in DC and live in the suburbs but I totally think you have to enjoy the city you’re in to the fullest. I love touring the sites, going to the museums, the cherry blossom festival – it’s part of what makes DC great. If you get to visit DC or live near a major city and can do a segway tour I highly recommend it. I’m definitely going to buy tickets to the one in Annapolis for the spring and take my Dad then. It was so much fun it actually makes me think about buying a segway for myself! If only…

2 thoughts on “Segway, the Only Way to Travel

  1. We live in Seattle but were in DC in summer and got to do most of the touristy things. Not the segwey though. Maybe we should tour Seattle by Segwey. I’ll look into that, you had look to have had so much fun!

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