3 Things

Yes, this is a homemade snickerdoodle. No, I did not make enough for the office. #callmeScroogeifyouwant
I think I’m going to bake cookies at some point this weekend. Between all the knitting I’ve been doing (I really need a hand massage), work and any other social activities I don’t know where I will find the time. I’m considering making snickerdoodles (pictured above), brownie cookies (my most demanded cookie), chewy ginger cookies and if I have time a batch or two of red velvet sandwich cookies. It’s a really ambitious plan for the few hours of time I’ll have on Sunday. Perhaps Saturday night I’ll make a lot of dough and then Sunday night I can just bake, bake, bake! We’ll see. I may be up to my eyeballs in holiday cookies.
@chinaglazeofficial in Running in Circles is quite festive. Lots of green goodness. #manicure #green
Speaking of holiday, how festive is this nail color? It’s China Glaze Running in Circles, part of their Cirque du Soleil collection – not even part of a holiday collection! The color applied gorgeously in two even coats and it’s like having a green ornament on your fingertips. I absolutely love this color.
Polka dots, pleats and periwinkle blue today. I feel so much happier when I wear color. #ootd #colorful
Another thing I loved this week, my outfit on Thursday. I went with a white and black polka dot sweater, my periwinkle blue pleated skirt and matching tights with black bow pointy toe flats. I kept twirling in my living room and I’m pretty sure my husband thought I was crazy. Sometimes I just need the right dose of color to make my day fantastic. Those are my three things, what are three good things with you? Oh and have a great weekend!

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