3 Things From 2012

I’ve been on a bit of hiatus and have been thoroughly enjoying my time with my family and friends. I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve done in the last 2 weeks.
My latest ice cream creation, cheesecake ice cream with red velvet cookies. #yum #icouldbeBenorJerry
I made cheesecake ice cream with red velvet cookies crushed up throughout. IT. WAS. GOOD. The ice cream was so rich and silky and tasted just like a cheesecake, I have to make it again. It’s so rich that it’s really a special occasion kind of treat.
Nothing says happy holidays like a reindeer on a tiny booty.
On Christmas day my godson scooted all over the place, he’s this close to successfully crawling. What makes a baby even cuter? A reindeer on his butt! Oh he was just adorable and Christmas is always great when there are kids around.
Tired of carrying my dslr all the time I broke down & bought a tiny point & shoot. I forgot how simple cameras can be!
I bought myself a new compact digital camera. My DSLR and lenses are a lot to carry around sometimes when you just want to grab a casual photo. I popped over to Target over the weekend and took advantage of the camera sales and picked up this little Canon for $80. I forgot how simple cameras could be, the manual for it was so tiny I read it in 5 minutes. I’ve got a few photos of some of the gifts I knit up that I”ll share this week, I’ve just got to get them off of my camera. So that was a few things from my holiday, how was your holiday break?

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