Good Things | Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer

Right before Christmas a package from Bare Escentuals with beauty goodies arrived on my doorstep. I was excited to see what was new but I also knew it was the holidays, I was swamped with gifts and knitting and I wouldn’t really be photographing anything until January. Typically I like to not use a product until I’ve photographed it but when I went threw the box of goodies, I couldn’t resist. The Buxom Divine Goddess Lumiziner was calling my name. I thought, oh I’ll just try a little bit and then photograph it…yeah it’s been in my daily routine ever since. I used to have a favorite cream luminizer by the old cosmetics company Prescriptives called Sheen Cream, I held onto my container of that for far too long. I hadn’t found a perfect luminizer yet to fill that void until I tried Divine Goddess.
The right side of my hand has a very small swipe of Luminizer on it and you can see the gorgeous subtle sheen. It’s beautiful, blends gorgeously and you can use it all over. I’ve put it on my legs, cleavage and all over my face and it’s such a versatile highlighter. I’m all about glowing skin and this is definitely a new favorite added to my beauty kit. I’d highly recommend it and when I run out I’m probably going to be buying two tubes at a time! Have you seen it? Tried it? What luminzers do you love?

2 thoughts on “Good Things | Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer

  1. I was at Sephora last week and I saw this luminizer and loved it! However, I bypassed it for a Buxom lip stain! I’m all about lipstains at the moment. I have purchased seven over the past week!

    When I go back to Sephora I’m going to nab the luminizer. I’m kinda bummed that I didn’t scoop it up last week!

  2. I’ve wanted to venture into a highlighting cream but everything seems to severe. I might to put this in my basket on my next Sephora trip!

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