Stay Warm!

I love a good hat so this fall I decided I needed to face my knitting fears and finally knit up a hat. Turns out, they’re pretty easy and quick. I knit up quite a few scarves for the holidays and I found a few simple hats to throw in there as well. My husband wanted a hat to go with the scarf I made him and I wanted him to be warm so I decided to find a new pattern to challenge my hat making skills.
On Ravelry I found and purchased the pattern for the Helm hat, a men’s hat with a subtle ear flap to keep him nice and warm. It has cables (which really aren’t that hard once you get the hang of them) and I really do love how the ear flaps turned out. Not too childish looking (although my husband admitted he wouldn’t mind a hat with full on ear flaps and a tie for under the chin…).
The hat was so cute that I almost wanted to keep it for myself but then I saw him in and saw how much he liked it and how cute he was so I let him keep it. And then I decided I might need to make it for myself in a different color with a big pom pom on the top 🙂 I mean if I know how to make it I might as well benefit from my own skills, right? Stay warm!

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