3 Things | Macaroons, Cute Babies & Lipstick

Happy Tuesday! I had such a great long weekend (despite my husband getting a nasty head cold and acting as if it was the plague) so I thought I’d share three good things. I work in DC but live in the Maryland suburbs so I decided to stay in for the inauguration and not battle the crowds or the cold.
I'm ready for the inauguration with my Obama macaroons!
I was prepared though with Obama macaroons from The Sweet Lobby and my husband and I watched the inauguration in bed with chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon. YUM!
Jax 6 months
Speaking of eating, why is it not acceptable for me to make this much of a mess when I’m eating and yet it’s so adorable on my godson? I take a monthly photo of him for my girlfriend so we can track his progress through the first year and it’s always so much fun. When I got to her house on Sunday it was naked feeding time and he had oatmeal and fruit everywhere, hence why nakedness was mandatory during his feeding.
And my latest random drugstore buy that I love, Rimmel Lond Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick. It’s got a matte finish with deeply saturated color. I picked up this deep berry, almost red shade. I’m trying to broaden my bold lipstick horizons and try darker colors. I like the finish and the slight sent to this one so we’ll just have to see if it really lasts, I’ll let you know. So those are my three good things, what’s something good going on with you?

One thought on “3 Things | Macaroons, Cute Babies & Lipstick

  1. When I saw those macarons on Instagram I couldn’t wait for you to blog about the details. I’ve heard folks rave about macarons, but didn’t try them until we got them for our dessert table at our wedding. I instantly became a fan.

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