What Makes Me Happy

I am enjoying 2013. In 2012 my goal was to stop being so overloaded with obligations and running around every day and to actually do things that I wanted to do, that I’d enjoy doing and doing things with the people that I love. 2012 was great. I spent a ton of time with my wonderful godsons, family and close friends. I had weekends were my husband and I could just leisurely hang out and do nothing in our pajamas all day because that’s what we wanted to do. I felt much more rested and happy. That’s also how I started to knit a lot, it is incredibly soothing and relaxing for me when work can be so hectic. I’ve been keeping this lifestyle change up in 2013 and I’ve continued to knit. You saw everything I made for the holidays and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen even more stuff in my feed. I like knitting because it’s relaxing, a good creative outlet and at the end of a project I’ve created something special for someone. The best part? When someone loves something I’ve made them.
Steven and the hat
Yesterday I got one of the best pictures, my close friend Steven got my very, very belated birthday gift in the mail. In October when I saw him he asked me if I’d knit him a hat. I could pick whatever color and he gave me an example of the kind of hat that he wanted. I of course got overloaded and didn’t get to his hat until after the holidays and I finally mailed it to him this week. He told me he hadn’t taken it off since he took it out of the package…and then he asked me to make another one for his friend in a different color. When I said I was happy that he liked it he corrected me and said, “no, I love it.” It’s a small thing but when someone loves something that you’ve made them and it makes them happy it makes me feel so good. His comment truly makes my heart sing and I’m sure I’ll be knitting and smiling all weekend. I hope you have a happy weekend too!

3 thoughts on “What Makes Me Happy

  1. Reading your blog makes me happy πŸ™‚ No seriously, I love your positivity and it brightens my day. keep up the good work!

  2. I know what you mean!!! When someone else appreciates the time & energy you put into making something for them, it gives you a warm special feeling. It’s the best. I made a sweater for my nephew. He says he loves it so much that he will “wear it until he meets God.” He’s 4 πŸ™‚

    Great blog! I am so inspired to break out my needles!

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