Project Snuggle Brooklyn

One of my husband’s close friends recently had a son and when I asked what colors he would like in a blanket for his baby boy he asked me to honor the Brooklyn Nets. I had recently been to Brooklyn and bought some Brooklyn Nets gear with my husband so I knew I had a black, white, and grey color palette to work with. Fortunately, I saw the pattern for a reversed chevron stitch blanket to make a cool textural baby blanket on the Fibre Space blog.
Chevron is super popular right now and I love that stitch pattern so I thought this was a fun way to mix it up a bit. I also loved that I used the black as the main background color so that the white and grey stripes would really jump off of the blanket.
I didn’t follow the pattern completely and my blanket is a little smaller but it was a pretty quick project to knit up. I’ve been contemplating making a larger version for myself. It’s just so darn soft and snuggly.
And since the Dad is Brooklyn, I had a to find a ‘No Sleep Til Brooklyn’ reference for the baby and I found a No Nap Til Brooklyn onesie on Etsy. You gotta love Etsy. I can’t wait for our friends to get their package this week! Project Snuggle Brooklyn was a success in my book! You can also find my finished project here on Ravelry.

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