Snow & Alice Smith

Despite the fact that the first day of spring was last week, I woke up to a winter wonderland in my Maryland suburb. Because of the snow and ridiculousness of people who drive in the DC area I took the subway to work instead of driving in. I wouldn’t be as irritated by the colder temperatures if my furnace hadn’t been acting up for the last week, so it’s been a bit chilly in my house. Fortunately, this morning it was fixed and I plan to come home to a very warm and toasty house this evening.
I rarely listen to music at work but today I bought a speaker for my desk just to listen to @alicesmithmusic #AliceSmithShe
The only other thing that has been keeping me in a good mood lately has been good music. On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake’s and Alice Smith’s new albums dropped. You might remember me expressing my love of Alice Smith a few years ago and every time she comes to town the husband and I buy tickets. Well, she’s coming back next week to Ram’s Head Tavern and I bought tickets the day I heard so I’ll be the girl sitting right next to the stage singing along. I contributed to her Kickstarter fund to get this album She created and it is such good music. There isn’t a track that I don’t love and that’s saying a lot. And even though I got the digital download as part of my Kickstarter campaign, I downloaded another copy just for my phone and I’m telling everyone I know to grab a copy too.
20/20 Experience
And speaking of buying an album twice…I did do the digital download of the 20/20 Experience but I wanted the two bonus tracks on the Target deluxe edition (damn you, Justin!). So when I was in Target I picked up the actual CD – first time I’ve bought a CD in ages but it is so cute! It looks like a classic record. Love it! I’m also loving the songs Strawberry Bubblegum and Tunnel Vision like crazy. So that’s what I’m loving, what has warmed you up recently?

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