A Vivid Point of View

I am mildly obsessed with @berrocodesign Versa yarn. Now I need to make a scarf for this hat. #yarn #knitting #colorful
If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time or you know me in real life you are quite aware that I’m very colorful. I pride myself on the fact that sometimes in a sea of grey and black coats I’m the one wearing hot pink, or apple green, or orange. My collection of tights is like a rainbow. My home is full of color and the artwork that I love is also colorful.
New colorful rug for the kitchen sink, a lovely @target purchase on clearance. #livecolorfully
Yesterday we went to a celebration with friends in the afternoon and everyone kept commenting on how colorful I was. I had on a colorblocked dress with shades of pink, dark orange and purple, pink tights and a bright pink coat. That was just my normal work attire, nothing special but sometimes I forget that my normal isn’t everyone else’s standard of normal – and I’m totally okay with that.
Colorful kicks
This morning in the car with my husband we were discussing colors. He has mid range colorblindness, he knows colors but has difficulty deciphering them when they’re close together or too similar in tone. He saw something as black and I told him it was navy blue. His response to me, “the world you see must be really vivid, huh?” I laughed, realized it really is a vivid world I see and had to smile. I hope I always see the world in bright vivid color, it makes it so much happier to me that way.

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