Last Night With Alice Smith

Alice Smith
I cannot sing the praises of Alice Smith enough. I just cannot. Last night we went to the Ram’s Head Stage in Annapolis for a show and I love going there because it is so intimate. This was my 5th time seeing her perform – 5th! I bought tickets for a table right next to the stage (my knees were pressed against the stage that’s how close) and my husband and I loved every minute of her show. She sings for a solid 90 minutes and you wish she’d sing both of her albums three times each – that’s how good she is. Her voice has such power and her songs are just wonderful. If you haven’t bought her latest album She WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Yeah, I’m that kind of fan.

2 thoughts on “Last Night With Alice Smith

  1. Hello super fan. Nice to meet you. I, too, am one. I, too, was at last night’s show. I, too, wish she would have sang each CD at least 3 times. Oh and it was my 5th time seeing her too. She’s amazeballs.

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