Giving Always Feels Good

Let me preface this post with a note for a friend who reads the blog. Rachel, if you haven’t opened my baby shower package do not scroll to the bottom of this post – unless you want to see it.
Something about this yarns say @ejthecomic to me, so I think it is meant to become something special just for her :) #expectapackagesoon #knittingyousomethingspecial
I like knitting because I like to create things. I used to make clothes out of paper when I was kid and now I know how to sew. I used to want to take pictures like my Dad on his SLR and now I have my own DSLR and can take pretty pictures on my own. I like to do these things for myself, for my own pleasure. If I sell a scarf – great! If I never do, oh well, my friends will always be warm. This ball of yarn inspired me to create something for a friend who I always feel like is one of my biggest cheerleaders, Erin. She travels like crazy and sometimes I have moments where I just miss her laugh and her being in the area. So I decided she needed a scarf for all of her traveling.
Bandana Cowl
I decided to knit up something quick but with a beautiful result, a Bandana Cowl. It only took me two days to knit up something special for a friend and I can’t wait to see her in it. My other latest and greatest creation?
Bridgeman Blanket
My girlfriend Rachel is having a baby boy this summer and has a nautical themed nursery. So what did I do? Create a nautical themed baby blanket. I even put an official nautical cable in the middle. Oh I can’t wait for that little bundle of cuteness to be wrapped up in it this summer! Creating something always feels great, giving it to those you love makes it even better.

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