Statue Quest | Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt Island
My husband and I have decided to visit every statue in (and around) Washington, DC. Right now my list consists of 121 statues in Washington, DC – that’s a lot. We work in DC and drive by these awesome monuments every day without a second thought. We stumbled on one the other day and I thought who is this guy? Why’d he get a statue? What’s his history? And then Statue Quest was born!
Roosevelt Island
The first stop on our quest was to Theodore Roosevelt Island. It’s right across from the Georgetown Waterfront off of the GW Parkway on the Virginia side. First of all, I didn’t even know that this little island existed! I feel like I just wasn’t in the know until now.
Roosevelt Island
This former overgrown farmland has been turned into a forest memorial to conservationist and outdoorsman President Theodore Roosevelt. There are trails to walk and in the middle is this gorgeous monument to our 26th president of the United States.
Roosevelt Island
There were four large stone walls with quotes from Roosevelt about manhood, nature, youth and the state. Oh and the statue of Roosevelt is HUGE!
Roosevelt Island
That’s my husband trying to give the President a high five. He’s just a few feet short.
Roosevelt Island
And I seem incredibly small in comparison. I think I’m going to like this challenge to finding all the statues in DC. And the added bonus is I might learn a few new things along the way. For more information on Roosevelt Island please go to the Parks Department for information.

2 thoughts on “Statue Quest | Theodore Roosevelt

  1. This is such a great idea! Definitely a benefit to learning more about the place and people of your city, but I think it’s a great workout/fitness idea too. I just may have to do this in my city too! Thanks for a great idea!

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