2 Things I Know Are True

This post contains things sent for review and cookies that I made)
I ended my Sunday baking chocolate chip cookies for @kenyc24 - he only asked me if there would be cookies several times this week. I can take a hint.
I had a quiet weekend for the first time in a long time – zero obligations. I went shopping for a new mattress (WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?!), helped my mom sync her iPad and upload some photos and cleaned my house. I also made chocolate chip cookies last night after my husband asked me a million times if we had cake or cookies in the house – knowing that every time he asked me neither of those things had magically appeared yet. When I bake chocolate chip cookies I buy Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips and follow their recipe for chocolate chip cookies because it requires extra vanilla and it’s so much better than Nestle Tollhouse. This I know for a fact, a very delicious fact.
I also know for a fact that Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer is the bee’s knees. There are two shades, Tahiti (left) is a golden bronze and Maldives (right) is a deeper, richer bronze. I was just about to go on a hunt for a new bronzer when these babies landed up on my doorstep courtesy of the folks at Bare Escentuals. Even brown girls need a bit of a glow and the way mother nature is acting up right now I’m faking it with this stuff. I like to do a little swirl of bronzer on the cheeks and then a great pop of pink blush right on the apples – it makes me look fresh (in a good way). I know I haven’t done a lot of beauty posts in a while but I’ve also got some new Buxom lipsticks to share, some eyeliner favorites for summer beauty and a few other things coming in the few weeks. So stay tuned!

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