Weekend Reading

Three cheers to the weekend! Oh this has been a week of no sleep and back pain but my new mattress arrived, my snoring husband is away for the weekend and I will probably have some of the best sleep of my life. Can you see how excited I am to have a new bed all to myself? LOL Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy I just wish his nose loved me and would stop snoring. So what am I getting into this weekend while the husband is away? Three new books that I downloaded!
Weekend reading
First on my list, even though I’m not a parent in the traditional sense (I’ve been told I’m the best godmother on planet earth though) I am obsessed with the Honest Toddler. First as a silly twitter feed, then a hilarious blog and now a book! Oh I’ve already started reading it and am actually highlighting the funny parts…which is all of it. If you need a good laugh about life from the perspective of a toddler I highly recommend picking up The Honest Toddler A Child’s Guide to Parenting.
Weekend reading
Next up on my list is something I think the Honest Toddler would appreciate, Crackers & Dips More than 50 Handmade Snacks. The cover made me drool and I’ve seen lots of recipes on how to make your own cheese crackers and what not so I want to give this a spin. When I have the time (and energy) to really cook I go hard and I prefer making as much as I can instead of buying processed foods. It always tastes better, is healthier and you know everything in it! I’m kind of excited to try out the Ritz cracker recipe they have in there first! I’ll let you know how it goes.
Weekend reading
And last but not least on my list, Dan Brown’s Inferno!! Remember when I found the golden ticket and won an autographed copy of Lost Symbol? Yeah, I’m a big Dan Brown novel fan. I event went on the Angels & Demons tour with my family in Rome and have toured DC monuments just because of his books. I’m a fan. So I’m ready to get wrapped up in the mystery and excitement that Dan Brown always brings. So that’s my latest purchase folks, books. Anything else I should be adding to my list anytime soon?

One thought on “Weekend Reading

  1. If you haven’t already, check out The Fault in Our Stars, it’s absolutely beautiful. Inferno is on my list as well, along with Khaled Hosseini’s (he wrote The Kite Runner) newest one.

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