In my happy place, surrounded by color. Going to repaint the house this summer!
I’ve been unusually quiet here on the blog lately but 1. I haven’t had much that I’ve felt like writing about 2. I’m working on things for myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of of beauty things I could talk about (I’ve been obsessed with the new formulas of Milani lipsticks and in deep love with Bite Beauty matte lipsticks) but that would require me taking photographs and making an effort to blog – and I just don’t want to do that right now. I’ve got travel for weddings, new babies to visit and projects all around my house that I need to begin (going to redo the entire house this summer). Eventually I will begin to pick my camera back up and snap pics and share with you guys but for now you may not see much at all.

One thought on “Green

  1. Nice to hear that you’ve got plenty to keep you busy; I believe people should put themselves first on a regular basis. Don’t feel bad, these ‘breaks’ in your blogging allow us time to revisit some of our favorite posts from days gone by ~ the perfect way to get a DWJ fix when needed! Weddings and babies sound like great fun and projects around the home sound like blog inspiration for the future. Enjoy!

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