Checking In

I can only stay away for so long before I feel guilty about my radio silence. So here’s what’s been happening the last two weeks…
Orlando rain.
We went to Orlando for a wedding. It’s crazy how hot Orlando is and then it seems to constantly be in threat of crazy rainstorms.
While we were in Orlando we figured we needed to take advantage of the fact that we were so close to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. As much as my husband and I both loved the books we had to taste a butter beer and sees Hogwarts castle up close and personal – it was fun…and then it poured rain on us unexpectedly. Oh Orlando.
Cooking up simple syrup for coffee and tea today. Mint, vanilla and a big batch of sugar in the raw. Makes beverages so much better.
I’ve also been obsessed with making simple syrups for our coffee this summer. My favorite is to make mint and use it in iced lattes. I love how cool and refreshing it is and so simple. Equal parts sugar and water, boil and then put in an air tight container! Add mint to it while it’s simmering or if you want to make vanilla, add vanilla beans to your mix while it cooks. It’s so yummy.
Last night's power outage had us doing everything by candlelight.  Irritating and yet a little romantic. #latergram
And because it is summer and because the weather is so unpredictable I’ve already had my first power outage of the season. No worries, I played Candy Crush (I’m addicted) by candle light and then read a book. I’m a trooper! Next up on my list, buying paint and getting started on my updated living room!

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