I Want to Go Places

I’ve been slowly cleaning off the hard drive of my 7 year old Macbook and trying to save all of the photos I have onto one huge storage drive or upload to Flickr. This weekend I uploaded pictures from when I went to Anchorage, Alaska in 2008 for work. Yeah, for work. I was sent to the most boring conference on the planet that was in Anchorage in late September. I went because they wanted me to and because I realized I’d never go to Anchorage on my own most likely (my husband went for a competition in college).
It was cold and I was alone but I had to admit that Alaska was beautiful. My husband told me to take a tour, go see a glacier and to not stay cooped up in my hotel room. He was right and I made friends with other conference goers and ended up enjoying myself.
I went to a glacier, took a tram to the top of a very big mountain, came close to a bear – it was an experience I can always look back on and smile and it has me thinking about other places in the US I’d like to go. Yellowstone, Moab, Sedona…they aren’t my typical vacations but maybe I’m beyond doing what’s typical and should explore more. I definitely think I need to start planning to go places…

One thought on “I Want to Go Places

  1. I had no desire to go to Alaska but went because my mom really wanted to go & now I am dying to go back! I need to start doing more US places as well.

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