Feathers in my Hair

I’m not a big headband wearer for several reasons. For the last 2 years I’ve kept my hair pretty short, and when it’s this short I kind of forget that I could still wear a headband if I wanted to. The other main reason is that I have a condition called Maximus Domus – in English that means I have a big ass head. I do, I can’t deny it, I have difficulty finding hats that fit and headbands that don’t give me a headache within an hour of wearing them.

The other week when I was in Nordstrom I saw this adorable Tasha Goodness Feather Headband in green and had to have it. It fits on my head, although by 4pm I took it off due to the headache that was brewing, but that was still a long wear time so it makes this a successful purchase.

I love the feathers, they’re just whimsical and fun to me and it switched my hair up for the day. Perhaps I need to look into hair clips like this instead just to avoid major pinching. Anyone else wearing feathers in their hair or is it just me?

A Popular Pin


I love Pinterest, it’s such a great little online inspiration board. I find so many wonderful things. Since this pin has been repinned a lot in the last 24 hours I thought I should share it with you too.

How adorable is this idea for Halloween? I’m not a huge Halloween person but I do have candy and love seeing my neighborhood kids in their costumes. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years (too messy) but spray painting it and using thumbtacks to monogram it? Yes, sign me up for that. I’ll be doing a J pumpkin for my front porch after I go to the pumpkin patch. Too cute.

If you’re not on Pinterest and want an invite, send me an email (dwj@theartofaccessories.com) and I’ll send you an invitation link!

The Post About the Best Socks I’ve Ever Worn…

This might sound silly but I’m very particular about my socks. Dress socks, athletic socks, casual socks. I have some very specific things that I like and want in my footwear and I blame a lot of it on some of my lower back issues that give me pain that radiates down to my feet. My feet feel everything and I hate socks that pinch, roll, wrinkle or just don’t feel good on my feet.

When the folks at KENTWOOL asked if I wanted to try a pair of their Merino wool performance socks that they market to golfers, I said sure. I’m always willing to try something new and I had getting back out on the driving range and golf course on my 33 in 33 for 33 list. This weekend I finally got out to the driving range and I got to try them on and I have to say, they’re kind of amazing on my feet. I was skeptical because I thought, they’re wool and they’ll be hot and maybe even a little itchy. They were lightweight, soft and cushioned in all of the right places. They’re designed to be moisture-wicking and to reduce odor, without washing for multiple wears and I sometimes get stinky sweaty feet. Wearing these, not even a moist toe.
KENTWOOL SocksIn all seriousness, I didn’t know a sock could feel so good. A sock! They felt so great that I even wore them to the gym and they felt amazing there too after a crazy workout. The other thing I loved about them is that they have a little extra cushion on the back of my foot where sneakers and especially my golf shoes tend to rub me on the back of my foot. After wearing these, with that little bit of extra padding I didn’t have a blister on the back of my foot like I do sometimes after playing a round and walking with my golf clubs.

I am in love with these socks and can’t thank the folks at KENTWOOL enough for letting me to try out a pair. If you’re a golfer, I’d say these are mandatory in your golf wardrobe (if your husband/boyfriend/Dad is you should pick him up a pair) and if you’re just a really athletic person, I’d suggest grabbing a pair of these too. They’re amazing, who knew a sock could be this nice?

One & The Same All-Star Tote

It isn’t a secret that I’m a fan of Chuck Taylors, I own a few pair. So of course when I saw the One & the Same All-Star Tote I squealed with delight.

Of course I think to myself, why have I not created something like this on my own? And then my second thought is that there are creative and talented people out there who can create this kind of things so I don’t have to – see how I turned that negative into a positive?

And then of course the next thing I think of is what colors Chucks I would want to buy next. I’m a bit smitten by these in apricot, they’re not too bright and still have a bit of fun and interest in the color alone.

Will I ever stop wanting to collect Chucks? I highly doubt it.

Beyonce & My New Bag

Beyonce Sept 2011 Bazaar UK
Over the weekend I started my September issue reading and I ended up downloading Harper’s Bazaar UK just because of Beyonce on the cover. I’m not a die hard B fan but you have to admit, her cover is pretty hot. I may or may not have emailed Jess to ask her why they didn’t just use me on the cover in a red dress pulling at my blonde ponytail…don’t judge me. And I’ve already found a seriously gorgeous pair of green wedges I must have for fall in my magazine reading. The only thing that drives me slightly nuts about the September mags is that some of the items featured aren’t online yet! Why do they do that to me?!
Early Bday gift
I also have a lovely new addition to my accessories family. The husband bought me this gorgeous Cynthia Rowley leather bag with a cheetah print panel for my birthday. It is buttery soft and I’m pretty sure I’m going to carry it all the time. I love her and will have to take better pics soon.

So what did you do this weekend?

How To Accessorize | Little Details

Little Details
Today my outfit is pretty plain, a dark grey scoop neck and a black pencil skirt. Although I went for basics, I decided I needed to punch up the outfit a bit. How do I add some pizazz to basics? By adding color with my accessories.

My outfit is essentially a blank canvas,so I decided to add my Miz Mooz Enya slingbacks in my favorite shade of green! Why not? Green always makes me happy. When I bought these green slingbacks in the spring I couldn’t decide between the bright blue or the green but in the end, green always wins out with me.

Little Details
For lots and lots of layers of color I decided to triple wrap up my very color stand of pearls. Whenever I wear this necklace I end up changing the way I wear the pearls throughout the day. In the morning they start out as a triple strand and by the end of the day they’re a double strand that I’ve knotted. They’re just so fun. One of the best jewelry buys I’ve ever added to my closet.
Little Details
And since I don’t have pierced ears, I usually throw on a bracelet. Especially since the summer is all about baring your arms. This is a batch of a few of my DIY bangles that I love so much. I’ve even started exploring making beads with the polymer clay so I’m sure you’ll see more creations soon. I love this emerald green bangle in the middle, it has a cool shimmer to it and with the glossy topcoat it really pops.

Now I’ve kicked up some boring basics just by adding a bit of color. So how do you spice up your neutrals?

What I’m Wearing: Shoes, Miz Mooz Enya (currently on sale) | Pearls, TJ Maxx | Bracelets, DIY