The End of the Year in Pictures

Yes, I’m back from my holiday hiatus even though I don’t go back to work until tomorrow. It’s been wonderful being at home, with family, with friends in NY. I love this winter/holiday break we have every year. This January will mark the 4th year of the Art of Accessories – I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and how much the site has evolved and the things I’ve been able to do over the last 4 years. I don’t know what the future will hold but I’m still moving forward and have lots of ideas for new projects and fun things to do. I also thought to ease myself back into blogging I’d share some of the pictures I took over the holidays.
NYC 2011
My husband is from Brooklyn, so typically for the holidays we spend Christmas Eve with my family and get up on Christmas morning and drive to NY while everyone on the east coast is opening presents. It’s a lovely ride, listening to Christmas music and laughing and in the evening the husband likes to go down to 5th Ave to check out the holiday windows and the tree at Rockefeller Center. This was something he always did as a teenager and he is kind enough to share the tradition with me.
NYC 2011
I have to admit, my favorite was the window at Tiffany & Co. I usually take pictures in black and white because of the lights but their windows were so magical I switched over to color.
NYC 2011
NYC 2011
The animals in a carousel came a live and traveled through each window. It was simply gorgeous.
NYC 2011
NYC 2011
I also loved the sparkle in the windows at Miu Miu. My husband didn’t think any real person would wear something with this much sparkle (hello, have you never met me?).
NYC 2011
He then asked if these were real shoes anyone would buy, he thought they were just fancy stripper heels…I could see where he got that idea.
NYC 2011
I didn’t grab a pretzel while on the streets of NY, that night every vendor smelled like they were burning everything but I did take pictures. I love carbs, what can I say!
NYC 2011
So as I start of 2012 I’m already thinking about what I hope this year will bring and what I hope to accomplish. I’ve got a lot on my mind and hopefully I can make it all come true.

How was your holiday season? Share!

Spreading Holiday Cheer & My Holiday Hiatus

Snickerdoodles for the office!


It’s that time of year, my holiday baking has begun! Yesterday I took 3 dozen Snickerdoodles and a quart of homemade French vanilla ice cream to work – who knew adults could get so giddy or ice cream and cookies? I’ve been blasting holiday music in my house while baking and tonight I have to bake cookies for my husband’s office. I was even handing out lip glosses and mascaras to coworkers – I like to spread holiday cheer.

Since it is the holiday season, consider this a bit of a hiatus for The Art of Accessories. I have lots of fun products to talk about that I’ve gotten lately but I feel like I need to wait for 2012 to start posting fresh. Don’t worry, there will be sporadic posts but nothing consistent. You can always follow me on Twitter to see what I’m up to and I’ll post some holiday photos as well. And if you aren’t sure how to dress for that holiday party or New Year’s Eve ball make sure to check out the Holiday Guide to get a little style and beauty inspiration.

Happy Holidays!

Dreidels & Drinks

Dreidels & Drinks

Dreidel Cookies!

Over the weekend I had lots of holiday cheer sprinkled on me and I went to my very first Dreidels & Drinks party! I worked in higher education for 7 years and left with 2 grad assistants that are like my family. Leah is Jewish and she’s been very cool about teaching me about her faith and her holidays so I was excited for a little pre-Hanukkah celebration.

Dreidels & Drinks

The Hostess & Me

Can I say that if I’m the black Martha Stewart, Leah is the Jewish Martha Stewart. Everything was so adorably decorated that I didn’t want to eat anything it was so perfect!
Dreidels & Drinks
The thing that cracked me up the most was before the party she asked me if she’d make it on the blog if her party was a success. LOL I didn’t know getting your own post on the The Art of Accessories or Crumbs & Creativity was a life highlight but I’m going to oblige her.
Dreidels & Drinks
Another added bonus of the evening, I got to see a couple of former students and catch up. Cait (pictured above left) was wearing a very cool chunky black knitted scarf that she bought at the Gap. I’m now on a mission to knit one in a vibrant shade that’s just as chunky and fun as hers. I feel like I need it in my favorite shade of green…

And since tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah I thought it was only proper for me to share my first pre-Hanukkah party. Happy Hanukkah!

How to Accessorize | My Office Holiday Party

This Friday is just one Friday closer to Christmas, WOOHOO! I’ve had a long week of lots of work and my back went out on Sunday so I’ve been slowly on the mend. That also means I only wear dresses because pants and belts can irritate my back issue even more – so I’ve been super girly all week. Unfortunately because I’ve been a bit slower than normal, I haven’t had enough time to do outfit photos. This morning I took some snapshots of myself in the pieces in the car and at my desk so I thought I’d share. A woman in the elevator asked me to open my coat and show her my entire outfit because my tights were just too cute.
I bought this dress at the Gap the other day, probably the only thing that wasn’t on sale in the entire store. Isn’t that what always happens? I love the graphic black and white, it’s a heavier knit so I knew it would be perfect with tights and boots and it fit me so nicely. I love a knit a-line dress, you can do so much with it and I can dress it up or down. Since it’s a bold black and white I decided that I need a bold tight and I paired this dress with my favorite shade of green tights from We Love Colors. Green is festive, right?
The nails were a last minute decision last night. I’ve been doing an at home gel manicure (that I need to write a post about) for the last few months and I love the lasting power but didn’t feel like taking the time to do it last night. So I pulled out a pack of my holiday edition Sally Hansen Salon Effects that I saw the other week in my CVS. I thought since I have a holiday party a little shimmer was mandatory!
And speaking of sparkle, I took this picture of the Abby Hat I showed you earlier this week and I just love the texture and the sparkle. LOVE IT!


So that’s what I’m wearing today to be holiday festive, what about you?

What I’m Wearing: Dress, Gap | Tights, We Love Colors | Hat, Courtesy of Shop Suey Boutique | Nails, Sally Hansen | Shoe, Coach

Fly Turned 5!

Here’s the honest truth, I am not meant to be a socialite. I’m just not. I don’t like parties, mingling or “networking” and without my number one party partner in crime Jess it is a bit difficult for me to really get up and go to parties and happy hours. BUT my good friend Andrea of Fly blogwas celebrating her blog turning 5 last week at the Anthropologie in Washington, DC so I HAD to come and celebrate.


2 Andreas {Stylin & Profilin on the left - Fly on the right}

If you haven’t checked out Andrea’s blog, you should. She’s a wonderful artist, graphic designer and now college professor! You might also recognize her from last year’s Gift Guide.
The party was held at the Anthropologie store in DC and I love how well the stores are styled. And they smell amazing, the candles are absolute insanity. And I was introduced to Brown Betty cupcakes a Philadelphia treat that Andrea thought DC needed to experience – and they were delicious.
I just thought I’d share a few pics from the evening and congratulate Andrea on 5 fabulous years of being Fly. For the rest of the photos you can always check out my Flickr stream.

Shop Suey Society | The Abby Beanie

I love hats but as I’ve said before I suffer from domius maximus (large head syndrome). So typically when I buy hats they’re knit and slouchy so they have lots of give for my noggin. This month, my friends at Shop Suey Boutique sent over the Abby Beanie for me to review.
The Abby Hat
I kind of love this hat. I really do. It’s the perfect bit of slouchy, it has a pom pom for the kid in me AND it has sparkle! My sister kept asking me to wear my sparkly hat after she saw it the first time. I’m glad my hat can bring a bit of joy and sparkle to her world. It’s the little things.
Abby Hat I made the mistake of leaving it on the backseat of my car when I picked up my 19 year old cousin the other day…she tried to roll back into her dorm with it on. LOL I quickly realized she was trying to jack me for my sparkle and politely asked for it back. BUT because I know if I use code ART20 I’ll get 20% off a regularly priced item at Shop Suey Boutique, I just might have to add the Abby to her Christmas box when she comes back from winter break.

What’s your favorite style hat to wear? And have you picked up anything from S hop Suey with the Art20 code? Tell me!

Oh and you can check out my holiday picks from the Shop Suey Boutique on their blog and definitely check out their Facebook page, they’re doing the 12 days of Christmas in giveaways and great deals!