How to Accessorize | The First of the Year

Bonus points for @kenyc24 making wrapping paper for my gifts :)
For Christmas this year my husband bought me a new very kick ass tripod. I know, I get very geeky when it comes to my tech toys and accessories and I have to admit the husband can pick out some cool stuff. He also wrapped it in homemade wrapping paper (I adore Calvin & Hobbes) so he gets double points for being cute and creative. I of course didn’t play with my new tripod before I snapped pics yesterday so you’ve only got 2 photos to see my first work outfit of the year. LOL Don’t worry, I’m still playing around with it.
First of the year
I will be the first to admit, anything that is blousy makes me feel like I’m wearing a maternity top (no, no baby for the new year) but they’re so comfy that I can’t help but wear them. I got this top from the Gap on sale the other week for about $7 but I love it. The floral print looks like an ikat print up close, very cool. It’s very loose and billowy below the chest and a bit longer in the back.
First of the year
I paired the top with a navy corduroy pencil skirt, burgundy tights, grey ankle boots and a new fun necklace Jess gave me for Christmas. It was the first really cold day we’ve had yesterday but I was bundled up in a long wool burgundy coat. Today they’re talking about 18 degrees outside…no thank you. I am not a fan of winter at all. I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of tights and long coats on me in the future.

How do you keep warm in the winter weather?

What I’m Wearing: Top, Gap | Skirt, Gap Outlet | Tights, We Love Colors | Ankle Boots, Steve Madden | Necklace, Gift 

How to Accessorize | My Office Holiday Party

This Friday is just one Friday closer to Christmas, WOOHOO! I’ve had a long week of lots of work and my back went out on Sunday so I’ve been slowly on the mend. That also means I only wear dresses because pants and belts can irritate my back issue even more – so I’ve been super girly all week. Unfortunately because I’ve been a bit slower than normal, I haven’t had enough time to do outfit photos. This morning I took some snapshots of myself in the pieces in the car and at my desk so I thought I’d share. A woman in the elevator asked me to open my coat and show her my entire outfit because my tights were just too cute.
I bought this dress at the Gap the other day, probably the only thing that wasn’t on sale in the entire store. Isn’t that what always happens? I love the graphic black and white, it’s a heavier knit so I knew it would be perfect with tights and boots and it fit me so nicely. I love a knit a-line dress, you can do so much with it and I can dress it up or down. Since it’s a bold black and white I decided that I need a bold tight and I paired this dress with my favorite shade of green tights from We Love Colors. Green is festive, right?
The nails were a last minute decision last night. I’ve been doing an at home gel manicure (that I need to write a post about) for the last few months and I love the lasting power but didn’t feel like taking the time to do it last night. So I pulled out a pack of my holiday edition Sally Hansen Salon Effects that I saw the other week in my CVS. I thought since I have a holiday party a little shimmer was mandatory!
And speaking of sparkle, I took this picture of the Abby Hat I showed you earlier this week and I just love the texture and the sparkle. LOVE IT!


So that’s what I’m wearing today to be holiday festive, what about you?

What I’m Wearing: Dress, Gap | Tights, We Love Colors | Hat, Courtesy of Shop Suey Boutique | Nails, Sally Hansen | Shoe, Coach

The Little Things

I had a lovely Thanksgiving break, I cooked, I ate and I spent time with family. I also did a little knitting for holiday gifts and finally edited the bulk of the Gift Guide photos (I’m still aiming to post that on December 1). In the midst of all the photos I was editing I found this one.
My girlfriend’s little boy loves cameras, he hears the shutter and comes running to see what the image of him will look like (did I mention he’s only 11 months old?). I was taking her picture for the Gift Guide and as soon as the camera snapped he stopped being shy and walked right over to me and wanted me to show him the digital screen on the back. I snapped pics of him in between pictures of her and I just thought this little hand was so precious and sweet that I had to share.

I love this time of year, all the giving, the music, the twinkling lights. It’s the little things that make such great moments. I’m actually excited and ready for December and I hope that I can put some of that excitement and energy into the Gift Guide as I finish it up this week. And since I’m just easing my way back into my work week I thought I’d give you a peek at today’s outfit (no full outfit post, I was running late).
My husband told me he was surprised my color palette was so plain this morning. I’m wearing a cream shift dress with a beige sweater and then he saw my hunter green tights and floral oxfords. He totally took that comment back.

So how was your Thanksgiving break? Do tell!

How to Accessorize | Just Different

Just Different
Happy Monday. I had a very interesting conversation at dinner with my family last night. We were talking about clothes and my style and they said I was “just different” and always have been when it comes to clothes. I know the outfit that threw my family over the edge was the yellow dress with hot pink tights. They couldn’t fathom 1. the color combination 2. that I wore it for a big meeting. To each his own. But my family was right, I’ve always been different. In high school I’d wear a floor length tie dyed dress one day and a plaid mini skirt and matching vest the next. I’ve always been fascinated with color, always loved shoes and I’ve worn bright tights for forever.
Just Different
This morning I threw together my outfit in 10 minutes, I was running late and had to take the Metro so I didn’t have much time to think about it. I bought this watercolor print T-shirt from the Gap last week and was itching to wear it but with what? When I threw it on the bed next to my blue pleated skirt I knew we had a winner. And instead of wearing a neutral cardigan or top like navy blue, I decided why not play up another one of the colors in the shirt? I of course went with red.
Just Different
And since there’s so much color up top, I anchored my look with navy tights and grey kitten heels. I wouldn’t wear red tights with this look, that’s too cliche in my book. Although I’m already sure some of you will look at this color combination like “that’s interesting…” But that’s okay because I am just different and I’ll always be that way.

What I’m Wearing: Printed T-shirt, Gap | Cardigan, August Silk | Skirt, Asos | Tights, DKNY | Shoes, Franco Sarto

How to Accessorize | My Husband

I took a mini break from blogging this week and I think I’m going to not post daily like I have done for the last 3 and a half years. There will be a modified blogging schedule but hopefully the content will still be more of what you love. I haven’t taken any outfit pics lately because I broke out in a rash (I think a mix of stress, allergic reaction and the fact that I’m getting sick) so I haven’t been looking my most fabulous, but my husband has been so I thought I’d share his outfit today instead.
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I’m sure you know how much I love my husband. I think he’s quite adorable, funny and so smart and he loves me to pieces ( I’m pretty lucky). He’s also running a marathon in January! So I’m pretty proud of him too. I’m also his stylist or at least that’s what he always calls me. Lately he’s wanted a few new pairs of shoes that were leading into the preppy side and in the last week I think I’ve helped him find the perfect vibe he wanted to portray in his clothing.
We stopped at the Bass Outlet and picked him up a pair of greyish blue Bucks and he’s recently added some very nice wingtips to his shoe collection (if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen this picture of his growing shoe collection). I’ve made him wear more color over the years because I think he carries color so well (yes, I bought that teal sweater) but what he loves are the accessories. Wildly patterned socked, bold ties and cool shoes. Oh and my watch addiction has rubbed off on him as well, except his tastes in watches is much more expensive than mine.

I kind of love how he’s evolving as we’re getting older. He’s not a 20-something young guy, now he really looks like a grown man who knows what he’s doing. I love it. I love him to pieces.

What He Wore: Sweater, Gap | Wool Tie, Filene’s Basement | Shoes, Bass Outlet | Slacks, Bill Blass

How to Accessorize | Bargain Brights

Pink & Yellow
Today I head up a big meeting that I have to do quarterly and I realize I usually wear 1. a dress and 2. something sparkly when I want to look my best. I thought this would be a perfect time to test out my latest Shop Suey Society piece, the Anne necklace. Unfortunately, the Anne has been selling out like crazy but the Vickie is like her more color sister and Ariel is like her more eclectic sister. I love the sparkle and shine, it’s really beautiful in person. It makes me smile with all the sparkle.
Pink & Yellow
I decided to wear some bold color today for my meeting. You’ve previously seen me in this lovely orange faux wrap dress from Target. When I was reading the blog Making it Lovely, she mentioned a similar shaped dressed but in longer sleevesand I immediately scooped it up. For $29 at Target I figured why not add another dress to my fall wardrobe in a citrus shade. I had intentions of wearing this dress with deep teal tights but when I got up this morning I had pink and yellow on the brain, so vividly bright pink tights it was! I also thought they’d pair really well with these super cute two toned oxford heels I bought at TJ Maxx the other day for $40 (which is still less than their current sale price at Nine West. The entire outfit really is a budget bargain of colorful goodness – LOVE IT!
Pink & Yellow
I’m super comfortable, super bright and super happy with today’s look. And don’t forget that if you go to Shop Suey Boutique and use the code Art20 you’ll get 20% off any regular priced items – YAY! And definitely look out for Anne again, she’s gorgeous.

What I’m Wearing: Target | Necklace, Courtesy of Shop Suey Boutique | Tights, We Love Colors | Shoes, Nine West (purchased as TJ Maxx)