How to Accessorize | The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch
This box of apple cider donuts is totally why my weekend has gone by in a cinammon and sugar haze. I spent the day Saturday in Annapolis with great friends and we ended up at Homestead Gardens, and that’s where these delicious apple cider donuts came from. I also bought a jug of peach apple cider that is now half a jug…totally should’ve bought more. I’ll have to post pics from the Gardens on Crumbs & Creativity soon.
Pumpkin Patch
As for what I wore to the pumpkin patch, I finally got a chance to pull out my very boho hat that I bought at the Gap a few weeks ago. I won’t lie, I have a large head so I was so happy when this hat fit me that I immediately scooped it up. I wanted to be comfy all day so I threw on a heathered brown babydoll dress I bought from Loft a long time ago and paired it with my favorite olive green wrap sweater and a leopard belt to break it all up. What you don’t see are my rust colored tights and brown boots, it was a fall color palette.
Pumpkin Patch
And for makeup I decided to go with a great green eye and nude lip (I love a good nude lip). Keeping the rest of my skin kind of fresh and glowing. I thought I was cute for such a great crisp and breezy fall day.

so that was my weekend, what’d you do? And don’t think I forgot, I’m picking my Swatch winners this evening. Come back tomorrow to see who won.

What I’m wearing: Dress, Loft | Sweater, Gap | Necklace, Fossil | Hat, Gap | Eye Makeup, Bare Escentuals Primer Shadows in Racing Green

How to Accessorize | Casual Coral

Casual Coral
Why are Fridays always so awesome? This was a short week and I’ve got some fun stuff planned with friends for the weekend (can you say Pumpkin Patch and a beauty trip to Sephora?), so I’m so happy for the weekend. Despite today’s miserable weather, it’s supposed to be a glorious fall weekend. And since it was a bit dreary this AM I decided to brighten my day with one of my favorite colors to wear, coral.
Casual Coral
I have alwayas loved this color on me and it always seems to brighten up my complexion and my mood. I also love mixing coral and blue together, they’re a favorite color combination of mine.

Speaking of favorite color combos, don’t forget you have until Sunday evening to enter to win 1 of 2 Swatch New Gent Collection watches that I’m giving away!! I’m so excited that Swatch gave me watches to give away, can’t you tell?

Oh and I was asked about this on Twitter and via email about the at home gel manicure I did myself. I thought I’d show you a picture of what my nails look like…after a week of the system.
Not bad at all, that’s what they looked like when I painted them a week ago. Now that I know the system works so well I’m itching to try another color but I definitely want to see what 2 weeks of wear looks like. Don’t worry, there will be a full post about this too, I just thought I’d give you a preview.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

What I’m Wearing: Boat Neck Top, Target | Pants, NY&Co | Bracelets, Random | Necklace, Filene’s Basement | Watch, ¬†Swatch

Bargain Shopping & Indian Summer Style

New Dryer
My first major score was this awesome Hot Shot Tools Cheetah Turbo Ionic Dryer at Sally Beauty on their red tag clearance for $15!! If you go to the link I provided it’s $30 and in Tiger print, which is still a great price but when I saw it was $15 I scooped it up very quickly. I usually have 2 blow dryers in my house so I have a back up but I only had 1 at the moment and the tooth on the comb is all chipped up. This baby is so light weight and fast, I love it! You don’t realize sometimes that you might need an upgrade until you actually just upgrade, I’m glad I did. I also picked up an at home gel nail polish system from Sally as well, we’ll definitely talk about that more later. I want to see if it will really last for up to 21 days.
Indian Summer
I also got some Columbus Day shopping bargains at Macy’s this weekend and it includes this lovely dress I’m wearing today. I got a $25 gift card to Macy’s because of Klout and Klout Perks plus I had coupons for $10 off and $20% off so I decided to pick up some wardrobe staples yesterday at my Macy’s. This dress was on sale for under $50 and I also got a Michael Kors pencil skirt, a blouse, 2 pairs of tights and some underwear for $120. Not bad at all if I do say so myself.
Indian Summer
And since we’ve been having this crazy Indian summer kind of weather, I decided I’d go with bare legs and Mary Janes today, all in a fall color palette. I love when fall comes in so mild and nice like this. I hope this weather sticks around for the rest of the month and that dreary rainy weather we had will stay away!

So did any of you score any bargains over the holiday weekend? Share!

What I’m wearing: Dress, NY Collection at Macy’s | Belt, Aldo | Necklace, Monet | Cardigan, August Silk | Shoes, Fossil

How to Accessorize | Neutral Zone

Neutral Zone
Happy Friday! I’m so excited for the long weekend (and I will not be posting on Monday, I’m taking a break). The only thing I’m not too fond of about my job is that we are not allowed to wear denim of any kind at work – BOOOOOOOO! I understand the rule. I’ve seen the days they do let us wear jeans and it gets real bad really quickly but sometimes my mornings would be much quicker if I could build an outfit around my favorite jeans. So this is my casual Friday outfit, and I’d actually wear it any day of the week.
Neutral Zone
Last weekend I went to Nordstrom Rack with my sister, it was like sensory overload. I saw too many things I wanted. When I narrowed it down at the end of our shopping trip I picked up this open front August Silk cardigan (you know I have a weakness for August Silk cardigans). I thought it would be a nice neutral to add to my wardrobe and it would be very cozy…and it is.
Neutral Zone
My palette today is pretty neutral, which isn’t like me. I decided to add a little color with my very funky Indigo by Clarks shoes that I’ve had for years. They’re just so comfy and the colors are great and the shape is so off, I love them. I also added my Shop Suey Society Elizabeth Necklace for a bit more color and fun and my favorite Dooney & Bourke Bumble Bee Satchel.
Neutral Zone
Also played up my eyes with a gorgeous green to purple funky eye today. When I took off my sunglasses in the elevator a woman told me my eye makeup was gorgeous – score! I can’t just wear all beige, I’ve always got to find a way to add a bit of color.

So what do you wear on a casual Friday?

What I’m Wearing: T-Shirt, Target | Pants, Gap Outlet | Shoes, Indigo by Clarks | Sweater, August Silk (purchased at Nordstrom Rack) | Handbag, Dooney & Bourke | Necklace c/o Shop Suey Boutique | Eye Makeup: c/o Bare Escentuals in Chic Nude, Berry Flambe and Wicked

Pulling Out My Missoni for Target Dress Today

It's time to break out the Missoni for Target today.
Since October has come in so quickly I realized that it really is fall. Today I thought was a perfect day to pull out my Missoni for Target dress that I scored.

I know a few bloggers who said they didn’t buy anything from that Target line because they didn’t want to look like everyone else but I actually love how different everyone rocks their pieces. I’ve seen dresses belted with contrasting color cardigans added. Bold tights, bright tights, dark tights (I went with navy blue and navy blue wedges today). That’s the great thing about personal style, everyone’s is different, so I don’t even think about how anyone else would wear something. No one will ever wear it exactly like I do.

I really do like this dress since it has more of an a-line cut to it, so it doesn’t cling to my backside (one of the main reasons I rarely buy sweater dresses). And I love the wild and crazy print and the blue, yellow and pink color palette.

Of course now I want to wear it with pink oxfords I saw at Fossil or even an awesome pair of pink, yellow or turquoise tights from We Love Colors. Today’s combination is very simple, just my navy tights and wedges and a Dooney & Burke bag with lots of bumble bees on it. No necklaces or an arm full of bangles, just a white Swatch. Maybe next time I’ll pair it with something more bold for today, I think this is perfectly me.