NY Street Food

NYC 2011

I do not lie about my love of carbs. Pretzels are by far my favorite. Salty, warm and delicious. My husband and I were checking out the holiday windows on Fifth Ave in NY and I snapped a few pictures of the food vendors too. 

NYC 2011

I don’t buy much from the carts in NY other than a pretzel and nuts for the husband but I thought they looked so much more edible in black and white. 

NYC 2011

Black and white makes it all look so much prettier, right?

A Perfect Cup


Who isn’t a fan of hot chocolate? If you’re not then I probably consider you a communist. I will essentially call anyone a communist if they don’t agree with me, so it’s not a big deal.

Well my boss recently changed how I drink my hot chocolate. I’m a lover of the marshmallow but they are always stale when I’m ready for a cup of cocoa and then I’m hostile and no one wants to drink hot cocoa in a hostile environment. My boss told me to put a layer of marshmallow fluff on top of my cocoa in lieu of marshmallows.



Not only does it give you the delicious, melty marshmallow goodness that you want. It also acts as a layer of insulation on your cocoa and keeps it warmer longer. How come no one told me of this genius before?! I will never go fluffless in my pantry ever again.

BrownieOreoCookie Bar Deliciousness


I found a recipe online for a brownie, cookie, Oreo bar and send it to my sister. She audibly gasped on the phone when she saw the image. And then she read the recipe and decided that brownie mix and standard cookie mix just wouldn’t do and she’d have to make her own version. Oh and did she. IMG_4284.JPG My sister Anne made chocolate chip from scratch and spread them in the pan. Then she layered in Oreo cookies and then she covered all of that goodness with homemade brownies. And they cooked into this wonderful little bar that we proceeded to put ice cream and hot fudge on top. IMG_4294.JPG Too much? Or just enough? Clearly, my sister loves me.

Thanksgiving Spicy & Sweet Butternut Squash

Thanksgiving Dinner

Last year I was in Hilton Head, South Carolina for Thanksgiving with my family. Catered Thanksgiving meals are my favorite because I dont’ have to do anything and clean up is so much easier

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook but sometimes all the pots and pans and cleaning required for such a big meal can be a bit of a deterrent. This year my Mom is doing the bulk of cooking but I’ve been tasked with making my mashed sweet potatoes (no marshmallows are involved) and a butternut squash mash that I made after tasting one at Nando’s.

Butternut Mash

It’s a kind of spicy and sweet side dish. Here’s what you need…


– 1 butternut squash peeled, and diced into 2 inch cubes
– 1 red onion
– About a cup of chicken stock
– 1 handful of cilantro chopped roughly
– brown sugar to taste
– salt and pepper to taste
Nando’s Peri Peri sauce

How I Made It:

I take the butternut squash with the red onion chopped up and sprinkle it with olive oil, salt and pepper and then roast it for 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven. When it comes out of the oven I pop in a medium heat pan and add the chicken stock (or broth), cilantro and just a sprinkle of brown sugar. I mash it over the heat and when it’s to a nice chunky consistency I fold in the Nando’s Peri Peri sauce – you could do a garlic hot sauce too if you can’t get Nando’s. It’s just enough spice but still a bit of sweet in the background.  

I’m adding a little something different to our Thanksgiving table, what about you?

Serendipity Red Velvet Sundae

Serendipity 3

Washington, DC got its own Serendipity restaurant with Serendipity 3 in Georgetown. My family went there on Sunday to celebrate my sister’s birthday and I made sure to save room for dessert. 

I’ve been to Serendipity in NY and had one of their famous frozen hot chocolates (a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate to be exact) but this time I went for the red velvet sundae with vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate (I don’t do chocolate on chocolate on chocolate). 

It was good but it wasn’t amazing. I thought the cake was a little dry and I found it odd that they put the hot fudge underneath the ice cream cup on the plate. Why are you making me work for my hot fudge? WHY?! The staff was very accommodating, the manager was silly and joked with us and we had a good time celebrating my sister’s birthday. I’d go back and just order dessert though and not an entire meal. For a glass of water, a salad, a bowl of chili and 2 sundaes the husband and I spent $68. And although that included the tip, I still thought it was a bit overpriced. But I’m always willing to pay a bit more just for dessert. 

A Work In Progress

I realize I neglect Crumbs & Creativity a lot. This is my second blog so it doesn’t get as much love as it should. But as my other blog is reaching it’s 4 year anniversary I’ve been contemplating what I want to do blog wise in 2012 and whether or not I want to continue blogging at all. It sounds weird to say outloud but it’s what I’m thinking about right now.

You know what I want to do?

Cook more. 

Knit more.

Sew more.

Take more pictures.

Those are things I that I love to do and am finding that everything else gets in the way. Those are the things that make me happy, relax me and bring joy to my world. So perhaps that’s what I need to focus on doing more of for 2012.

If you subscribe to Crumbs & Creativity via RSS feed or email or you read me when I occassionally pop up in your Tumblr feed, I thank you for sticking around. I’ve got lots of photos and creative things I’ve been doing that I need to post and share and I think I’ll start uploading stuff at the end of this week. I think I just needed a moment to really think about the things I love and figure out how to find more balance in my life.

I’m clearly a work in progress.