I’ve Been in the Kitchen for a Long Time


Proof that I’ve been in the kitchen for a long time. Who knew a 3 year old could have such a dope kitchen set-up?! Hand mixer, pots and pans, oven…thanks, Mom!

Today is my 33rd birthday and I’m going home so I can cook dinner for the folks I love. Couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my birthday.

#33in33for33 | An Update

farmers market salad I finally went to Millers Farm, a farm not far from my house, to buy vegetables. WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG?! This salad might’ve been my best salad of the year all because of the incredibly fresh and delicious produce. Their tomatoes were like little round bites of heaven. Seriously. Squash While I was at the market I picked up green and yellow squash to cook for my Mom. She broke her ankle a few weeks ago and I have been working from her house and trying to cook a few things for her so she could have healthy options. She requested squash and I’ve never cooked squash. I’ve eaten it but never really cooked it (the husband isn’t that big of a fan). So I took my mother’s directions: cut it up evenly, add onion, salt and pepper and let the squash produce it’s own juices and you’re good to go. It was quite yummy if I do say so myself. So now I’ve checked 2 food items off of my 33 in 33 for 33 list. YAY ME!

Kitchen Upgrade | Fiestaware


When I was in college, the only things I thought about buying were makeup, clothes and dinners out with my girlfriends. I never thought there would be a day when I would browse for double ovens (which are quite expensive), flooring and dishes. Well, the days have come and I’ve realized that’s just part of what makes me a grown up. I’m excited because this weekend I took the plunge and replaced the dishes I registered for when I got married (tear) and bought FIESTAWARE!

If you’re not familiar with Fiestaware or Fiesta as it is called, it is a series of ceramic dishes glazed in bright colors. The best thing about Fiestaware to me is that you can mix and match so many colors and you know how much I love color!

This weekend I picked up 8 place settings in peacock (a bright teal), sunflower (yellow), lemongrass (lime), shamrock (grassy green), plum (dark purple), cobalt (dark blue), scarlet (red), tangerine (orange).

Macy’s is currently having a buy 1 get 1 free sale for the 4 piece and 5 piece place settings, which is a pretty good deal. The husband and I also plan to drive to Kentucky in Septmeber and are going to stop at the Fiestaware outlet to pick up platters, bowls and other serving dishes for cheap. I feel like this pop of color really does perk up my already sunny kitchen. And who knew I’d ever get this excited about buying dishes? 

August 3 – National Watermelon Day

Today is National Watermelon Day, a day I know my father is probably going to enjoy.

For Father’s Day this year I bought him the Kuhn Rikon Watermelon Knife (I picked mine up at Sur La Table).

Since I was little, my father has always enjoyed picking and chopping up a perfectly ripe watermelon. As long as they’re in season he will get at least 2 watermelons a week and chop them up and put them in very specific green containers to store the pieces in the fridge. Of course as soon as I saw the ad for this knife in a cooking magazine I called my mother and told her what I had to buy him for Father’s Day.

Last week when I was at my parent’s house and I finally got to see him with his knife in action. The blade is extra long so that it can go through an entire watermelon and the serrated blade makes slicing through the rind even easier. My Dad chopped up an entire watermelon into small chucks and even disposed of the rind in under 5 minutes.

It is kind of funny to think that I’m this excited about a knife. But if you could see how excited my Dad is when he has a special knife to do the one thing he loves to do in the kitchen, you’d be just as excited as I am too.

Happy National Watermelon Day!