Life Lately

Life lately has been just a bit exhausting. Work takes over and I never feel like my weekends are long enough. Even when I take vacation I’m still doing something like painting the house or running crazy errands. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get my driver’s license renewed before the end of the month. Because no one wants to sit in line at the DMV for hours just to take a new picture.
Last night on an impulse @kenyc24 decided to get me an early birthday gift! Meet JuJu "Juke" Johnson. #newcarsmell
What has added a bit of pep to my step has been our impulsive buy of a new car for me! On Friday night my husband upgraded my Nissan Versa to a brand new Nissan Juke. This is only my third car but I haven’t had a brand new one since I got my first car when I was 20. It’s pretty nice to have navigation, bluetooth and a moonroof again. Oh and that new car smell is awesome. Hopefully over the weekend I can get a few projects on my needles, take a few pictures of some beauty essentials so I can do a few posts next week. And if not, well be cool…like my adorable godson.
Jax 12 months

(Who can resist a baby wearing sunglasses?)

Checking In

I can only stay away for so long before I feel guilty about my radio silence. So here’s what’s been happening the last two weeks…
Orlando rain.
We went to Orlando for a wedding. It’s crazy how hot Orlando is and then it seems to constantly be in threat of crazy rainstorms.
While we were in Orlando we figured we needed to take advantage of the fact that we were so close to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. As much as my husband and I both loved the books we had to taste a butter beer and sees Hogwarts castle up close and personal – it was fun…and then it poured rain on us unexpectedly. Oh Orlando.
Cooking up simple syrup for coffee and tea today. Mint, vanilla and a big batch of sugar in the raw. Makes beverages so much better.
I’ve also been obsessed with making simple syrups for our coffee this summer. My favorite is to make mint and use it in iced lattes. I love how cool and refreshing it is and so simple. Equal parts sugar and water, boil and then put in an air tight container! Add mint to it while it’s simmering or if you want to make vanilla, add vanilla beans to your mix while it cooks. It’s so yummy.
Last night's power outage had us doing everything by candlelight.  Irritating and yet a little romantic. #latergram
And because it is summer and because the weather is so unpredictable I’ve already had my first power outage of the season. No worries, I played Candy Crush (I’m addicted) by candle light and then read a book. I’m a trooper! Next up on my list, buying paint and getting started on my updated living room!

Weekend Reading

Three cheers to the weekend! Oh this has been a week of no sleep and back pain but my new mattress arrived, my snoring husband is away for the weekend and I will probably have some of the best sleep of my life. Can you see how excited I am to have a new bed all to myself? LOL Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy I just wish his nose loved me and would stop snoring. So what am I getting into this weekend while the husband is away? Three new books that I downloaded!
Weekend reading
First on my list, even though I’m not a parent in the traditional sense (I’ve been told I’m the best godmother on planet earth though) I am obsessed with the Honest Toddler. First as a silly twitter feed, then a hilarious blog and now a book! Oh I’ve already started reading it and am actually highlighting the funny parts…which is all of it. If you need a good laugh about life from the perspective of a toddler I highly recommend picking up The Honest Toddler A Child’s Guide to Parenting.
Weekend reading
Next up on my list is something I think the Honest Toddler would appreciate, Crackers & Dips More than 50 Handmade Snacks. The cover made me drool and I’ve seen lots of recipes on how to make your own cheese crackers and what not so I want to give this a spin. When I have the time (and energy) to really cook I go hard and I prefer making as much as I can instead of buying processed foods. It always tastes better, is healthier and you know everything in it! I’m kind of excited to try out the Ritz cracker recipe they have in there first! I’ll let you know how it goes.
Weekend reading
And last but not least on my list, Dan Brown’s Inferno!! Remember when I found the golden ticket and won an autographed copy of Lost Symbol? Yeah, I’m a big Dan Brown novel fan. I event went on the Angels & Demons tour with my family in Rome and have toured DC monuments just because of his books. I’m a fan. So I’m ready to get wrapped up in the mystery and excitement that Dan Brown always brings. So that’s my latest purchase folks, books. Anything else I should be adding to my list anytime soon?

Statue Quest | Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial

Can we talk about the gorgeousness that is the Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial? My husband is a runner and runs a lot of trails around the area and he saw this memorial in Lady Bird Johnson Park but didn’t know what it was for so we decided to stop to check this one off on our statue quest.
This memorial honors the American sailors and marines killed at sea during World War I and was completed in 1934.
It’s a memorial that’s off the beaten path for me but so unexpectedly beautiful. I also loved all of the red tulips surrounding the memorial.
I couldn’t find much online about the memorial but it was definitely a beautiful gem off of the GW Parkway.

2 Things | Mugs & Moccasins

There's a latte in my lens! Thanks for the mug @annieb_1113 #sistersurprise
We cleaned out the cabinets this past weekend and have been organizing what’s in our kitchen. With that I also purchased a couple of Keep Cups (I waited for them to go back on sale on to add to our cabinets since they’re the perfect size and we use them daily with our Dolce Gusto Circolo machine. So it was a nice surprise when my sister gave me this coffee mug that looks like a Canon camera lens! My DSLR is a Canon and I’ve seen these mugs before but never bought one for myself. She thought it was cool and picked it up for me.
Happy feet.
I’m also mildly obsessed with my Minnetonka moccasins. Two of my girlfriends have always been fans and have worn them faithfully or a version of their boots since forever. I finally picked up a grey pair for myself and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. They’re super comfy and they seem to go with a lot more than I thought they would. I have a feeling a pair of the booties will be in my future for the fall.

Snow & Alice Smith

Despite the fact that the first day of spring was last week, I woke up to a winter wonderland in my Maryland suburb. Because of the snow and ridiculousness of people who drive in the DC area I took the subway to work instead of driving in. I wouldn’t be as irritated by the colder temperatures if my furnace hadn’t been acting up for the last week, so it’s been a bit chilly in my house. Fortunately, this morning it was fixed and I plan to come home to a very warm and toasty house this evening.
I rarely listen to music at work but today I bought a speaker for my desk just to listen to @alicesmithmusic #AliceSmithShe
The only other thing that has been keeping me in a good mood lately has been good music. On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake’s and Alice Smith’s new albums dropped. You might remember me expressing my love of Alice Smith a few years ago and every time she comes to town the husband and I buy tickets. Well, she’s coming back next week to Ram’s Head Tavern and I bought tickets the day I heard so I’ll be the girl sitting right next to the stage singing along. I contributed to her Kickstarter fund to get this album She created and it is such good music. There isn’t a track that I don’t love and that’s saying a lot. And even though I got the digital download as part of my Kickstarter campaign, I downloaded another copy just for my phone and I’m telling everyone I know to grab a copy too.
20/20 Experience
And speaking of buying an album twice…I did do the digital download of the 20/20 Experience but I wanted the two bonus tracks on the Target deluxe edition (damn you, Justin!). So when I was in Target I picked up the actual CD – first time I’ve bought a CD in ages but it is so cute! It looks like a classic record. Love it! I’m also loving the songs Strawberry Bubblegum and Tunnel Vision like crazy. So that’s what I’m loving, what has warmed you up recently?