2 Things I Know Are True

This post contains things sent for review and cookies that I made)
I ended my Sunday baking chocolate chip cookies for @kenyc24 - he only asked me if there would be cookies several times this week. I can take a hint.
I had a quiet weekend for the first time in a long time – zero obligations. I went shopping for a new mattress (WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?!), helped my mom sync her iPad and upload some photos and cleaned my house. I also made chocolate chip cookies last night after my husband asked me a million times if we had cake or cookies in the house – knowing that every time he asked me neither of those things had magically appeared yet. When I bake chocolate chip cookies I buy Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips and follow their recipe for chocolate chip cookies because it requires extra vanilla and it’s so much better than Nestle Tollhouse. This I know for a fact, a very delicious fact.
I also know for a fact that Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer is the bee’s knees. There are two shades, Tahiti (left) is a golden bronze and Maldives (right) is a deeper, richer bronze. I was just about to go on a hunt for a new bronzer when these babies landed up on my doorstep courtesy of the folks at Bare Escentuals. Even brown girls need a bit of a glow and the way mother nature is acting up right now I’m faking it with this stuff. I like to do a little swirl of bronzer on the cheeks and then a great pop of pink blush right on the apples – it makes me look fresh (in a good way). I know I haven’t done a lot of beauty posts in a while but I’ve also got some new Buxom lipsticks to share, some eyeliner favorites for summer beauty and a few other things coming in the few weeks. So stay tuned!

Statue Quest | Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt Island
My husband and I have decided to visit every statue in (and around) Washington, DC. Right now my list consists of 121 statues in Washington, DC – that’s a lot. We work in DC and drive by these awesome monuments every day without a second thought. We stumbled on one the other day and I thought who is this guy? Why’d he get a statue? What’s his history? And then Statue Quest was born!
Roosevelt Island
The first stop on our quest was to Theodore Roosevelt Island. It’s right across from the Georgetown Waterfront off of the GW Parkway on the Virginia side. First of all, I didn’t even know that this little island existed! I feel like I just wasn’t in the know until now.
Roosevelt Island
This former overgrown farmland has been turned into a forest memorial to conservationist and outdoorsman President Theodore Roosevelt. There are trails to walk and in the middle is this gorgeous monument to our 26th president of the United States.
Roosevelt Island
There were four large stone walls with quotes from Roosevelt about manhood, nature, youth and the state. Oh and the statue of Roosevelt is HUGE!
Roosevelt Island
That’s my husband trying to give the President a high five. He’s just a few feet short.
Roosevelt Island
And I seem incredibly small in comparison. I think I’m going to like this challenge to finding all the statues in DC. And the added bonus is I might learn a few new things along the way. For more information on Roosevelt Island please go to the Parks Department for information.

2 Things | Mugs & Moccasins

There's a latte in my lens! Thanks for the mug @annieb_1113 #sistersurprise
We cleaned out the cabinets this past weekend and have been organizing what’s in our kitchen. With that I also purchased a couple of Keep Cups (I waited for them to go back on sale on fab.com) to add to our cabinets since they’re the perfect size and we use them daily with our Dolce Gusto Circolo machine. So it was a nice surprise when my sister gave me this coffee mug that looks like a Canon camera lens! My DSLR is a Canon and I’ve seen these mugs before but never bought one for myself. She thought it was cool and picked it up for me.
Happy feet.
I’m also mildly obsessed with my Minnetonka moccasins. Two of my girlfriends have always been fans and have worn them faithfully or a version of their boots since forever. I finally picked up a grey pair for myself and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. They’re super comfy and they seem to go with a lot more than I thought they would. I have a feeling a pair of the booties will be in my future for the fall.

Giving Always Feels Good

Let me preface this post with a note for a friend who reads the blog. Rachel, if you haven’t opened my baby shower package do not scroll to the bottom of this post – unless you want to see it.
Something about this yarns say @ejthecomic to me, so I think it is meant to become something special just for her :) #expectapackagesoon #knittingyousomethingspecial
I like knitting because I like to create things. I used to make clothes out of paper when I was kid and now I know how to sew. I used to want to take pictures like my Dad on his SLR and now I have my own DSLR and can take pretty pictures on my own. I like to do these things for myself, for my own pleasure. If I sell a scarf – great! If I never do, oh well, my friends will always be warm. This ball of yarn inspired me to create something for a friend who I always feel like is one of my biggest cheerleaders, Erin. She travels like crazy and sometimes I have moments where I just miss her laugh and her being in the area. So I decided she needed a scarf for all of her traveling.
Bandana Cowl
I decided to knit up something quick but with a beautiful result, a Bandana Cowl. It only took me two days to knit up something special for a friend and I can’t wait to see her in it. My other latest and greatest creation?
Bridgeman Blanket
My girlfriend Rachel is having a baby boy this summer and has a nautical themed nursery. So what did I do? Create a nautical themed baby blanket. I even put an official nautical cable in the middle. Oh I can’t wait for that little bundle of cuteness to be wrapped up in it this summer! Creating something always feels great, giving it to those you love makes it even better.

Bare Escentuals Go Bare Tour!

Go Bare Tour
On Friday, after a long week and a long day at the beauty shop I came home to a very sweet treat. A dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes and the folks at Bare Escentuals kicking off their Go Bare Tour!
This is the third time I’ll be heading out to visit the Bare Escentuals folks on tour (you might remember when I met Leslie in Richmond and when I was a Roadie the last time they stopped in DC. I’ve even had the pleasure of visiting their offices when I went to San Francisco. I talk about Bare Escentuals and their Buxom line a lot here but that’s because I’m a really huge fan of their products. Although I do receive some PR samples, before I blogged I bought a lot and even now I buy a lot and I get my friends to buy the things I love too (hello Buxom lash!). So I will be at Georgetown Cupcake tomorrow evening when I get off of work to check out the launch of the tour and I suggest if you’re in DC that you should come too! And if you’re not, make sure to check out the other stops on their tour!!

A New Adventure | Statue Quest

Statue Quest
I love a project, even if it’s just for something fun. The husband and I are on a quest to visit every statue in Washington, DC. We have a list of 120 statues – some we actually walk by every day and haven’t really noticed! For me it’s about exploring this city and adding a history element to it that my husband will love. I plan on sharing our photos and things we find out here since this is a blog about my life. Yesterday we checked off Roosevelt at Roosevelt Island and the Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial but I’ll have more pictures later on. I think this is a fun little quest and I’m curious how long it will take us! Is it just me, or do you come up with silly adventures like this too?