Cherry Blossoms by Boat

Cherry Blossoms from a Boat
Last night my husband and I did something a little different than in years past, we took a boat tour of the Potomac at dusk to see the cherry blossoms. You may remember previous posts about the cherry blossoms and we typically get up and close during peak season. This year, peak was late and a bit off but we can’t resist being like everyone else and taking in the blossoms. I thought seeing them via a boat would add a new spin.
Cherry Blossoms from a Boat
I love DC and even after being here this long I realize there’s so much of the city I have yet to explore. I’m on a quest to take a picture with every statue in the city and my husband seems down for the task. It’s a fun way to go to different parts of the city that we bypass or seeing an old area in a new light.
Cherry Blossoms from a Boat
Cherry Blossoms from a Boat
Cherry Blossoms from a Boat
Photographing the cherry blossoms and this city never gets old to me. It’s just so gorgeous in the spring here, I can’t help but want to pull my camera out. And anytime I get to spend an evening with this guy means I’ve had a great day.
Cherry Blossoms from a Boat
Have a good weekend!

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

I’m not a runner, but my husband is and he loves it. This weekend he ran for the first time in the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC. With the weather being so cold the blossoms haven’t bloomed yet (and the festival is already over) and they still weren’t in bloom this weekend but the race went on.
My mother-in-law came down for the race and saw him running for the first time, he was super excited. We also had friends join us on the mall to watch the race. It was super cold that morning but it turned out to be a gorgeous day.
Now if only the cherry blossoms would stop acting up and show us all their gorgeousness, I’d be much happier about this gorgeous weather.

Last Night With Alice Smith

Alice Smith
I cannot sing the praises of Alice Smith enough. I just cannot. Last night we went to the Ram’s Head Stage in Annapolis for a show and I love going there because it is so intimate. This was my 5th time seeing her perform – 5th! I bought tickets for a table right next to the stage (my knees were pressed against the stage that’s how close) and my husband and I loved every minute of her show. She sings for a solid 90 minutes and you wish she’d sing both of her albums three times each – that’s how good she is. Her voice has such power and her songs are just wonderful. If you haven’t bought her latest album She WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Yeah, I’m that kind of fan.

Feeding My Creative Soul

I’ve been blogging now for five years – FIVE YEARS. I can’t believe it but I’ve gone from the Art of Accessories to I AM DWJ and have had a million adventures and experiences in that five year period. It has been great. It started as a class project and a way to share my love of makeup and accessories, things I’ve always been obsessed about. As I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen in love with even more things and have found ways to explore my creativity and find what I really love to do in life. The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself is that I thrive off of creating things.
I read this post the other week about finding out what you want to do in life, what brings you joy. I’ve always been jealous of the fact that my husband loves being an engineer – he LOVES his work. Even when he is frustrated and tired, I still have to say ‘let’s go home, it’s quitting time,’ knowing he’s fully ready to get up and do it all over again the next day. He designs building structures and loves seeing the finished product – I realize I love knitting. Odd but true.
For my day job I work in websites for an association in DC. I like seeing the finished product, I enjoy figuring out a bit of code that was tricky or helping to create a new development tool for our site but if I didn’t have this job tomorrow I honestly wouldn’t miss it. I have always been able to move on to the next project or job with ease and use that experience to help me move forward. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job but I don’t LOVE work the way my husband does. What I do love is having a set of knitting needles in my hands on a daily basis. Since I learned to knit two years ago (something I wanted to learn for ages but was too intimidated to learn) I haven’t stopped knitting. I have bins with yarns, full sets of needles and a running list of patterns, projects and ideas I want to create. I knit in the car in the morning or on lunch breaks at work. It brings me joy to finish a blanket for a baby, a hat for a friend, a scarf for a sister – it calms me after a long and crazy day in the office. My hands seem to crave the clicking of the needles and at first I thought it was weird but I’ve slowly started to realize it’s what I love to do.
I don’t know if I will ever fully be able to turn this knitting “thing” into a full time or even part time job but I definitely know this isn’t a phase and it’s definitely something that feeds my creative soul. I’ve got an Etsy shop up (I was having issues with my in-blog shop). I hope to share my love of baby blankets, hats, scarves and accessories beyond my little inner circle.
I still love makeup and accessories and will share that as well but my knitting adventures will be on this blog more and more as I expand more in the store. So thanks for being supportive and thanks for reading!

A Vivid Point of View

I am mildly obsessed with @berrocodesign Versa yarn. Now I need to make a scarf for this hat. #yarn #knitting #colorful
If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time or you know me in real life you are quite aware that I’m very colorful. I pride myself on the fact that sometimes in a sea of grey and black coats I’m the one wearing hot pink, or apple green, or orange. My collection of tights is like a rainbow. My home is full of color and the artwork that I love is also colorful.
New colorful rug for the kitchen sink, a lovely @target purchase on clearance. #livecolorfully
Yesterday we went to a celebration with friends in the afternoon and everyone kept commenting on how colorful I was. I had on a colorblocked dress with shades of pink, dark orange and purple, pink tights and a bright pink coat. That was just my normal work attire, nothing special but sometimes I forget that my normal isn’t everyone else’s standard of normal – and I’m totally okay with that.
Colorful kicks
This morning in the car with my husband we were discussing colors. He has mid range colorblindness, he knows colors but has difficulty deciphering them when they’re close together or too similar in tone. He saw something as black and I told him it was navy blue. His response to me, “the world you see must be really vivid, huh?” I laughed, realized it really is a vivid world I see and had to smile. I hope I always see the world in bright vivid color, it makes it so much happier to me that way.

Snow & Alice Smith

Despite the fact that the first day of spring was last week, I woke up to a winter wonderland in my Maryland suburb. Because of the snow and ridiculousness of people who drive in the DC area I took the subway to work instead of driving in. I wouldn’t be as irritated by the colder temperatures if my furnace hadn’t been acting up for the last week, so it’s been a bit chilly in my house. Fortunately, this morning it was fixed and I plan to come home to a very warm and toasty house this evening.
I rarely listen to music at work but today I bought a speaker for my desk just to listen to @alicesmithmusic #AliceSmithShe
The only other thing that has been keeping me in a good mood lately has been good music. On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake’s and Alice Smith’s new albums dropped. You might remember me expressing my love of Alice Smith a few years ago and every time she comes to town the husband and I buy tickets. Well, she’s coming back next week to Ram’s Head Tavern and I bought tickets the day I heard so I’ll be the girl sitting right next to the stage singing along. I contributed to her Kickstarter fund to get this album She created and it is such good music. There isn’t a track that I don’t love and that’s saying a lot. And even though I got the digital download as part of my Kickstarter campaign, I downloaded another copy just for my phone and I’m telling everyone I know to grab a copy too.
20/20 Experience
And speaking of buying an album twice…I did do the digital download of the 20/20 Experience but I wanted the two bonus tracks on the Target deluxe edition (damn you, Justin!). So when I was in Target I picked up the actual CD – first time I’ve bought a CD in ages but it is so cute! It looks like a classic record. Love it! I’m also loving the songs Strawberry Bubblegum and Tunnel Vision like crazy. So that’s what I’m loving, what has warmed you up recently?