Who is DWJ?

Updated: As of August 2013 I stopped blogging but in 2015 I returned to blogging in a different way. Check out Yards of Happiness to see my latest.
I am DWJ (also known as Dana) and I’m quite colorful. Whenever I’ve asked a friend to tell me three words they would use to describe me, colorful is always one of them. Always. So this blog is about my colorful life. You might know me from my original blog the Art of Accessories or even my small food blog Crumbs & Creativity. In 2012 I decided I needed a change and to have a blog that let me talk about all of the things I love, not just accessories and beauty. You’ll still be able to view the Art of Accessories and Crumbs & Creativity archives (sorry if some of the images are missing) but now I’ll feel free to talk about whatever I want here. This is my space and I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to see where else I’ve been on the web, feel free to check out my Media/Press information here. You can also check out my disclosure policy here. Want to connect with me outside of the blog? You can always…

Welcome to my little piece of the internet, I hope you enjoy.

0 thoughts on “Who is DWJ?

  1. Found your blog through your feature on Fasshonburu’s blog. I loved your *ahem* colorful outfit and wanted to know more about you. You seem to love cooking and your photos are just beautiful. Can’t believe you got the opportunity to visit the White House and take pictures! That’s awesome.

  2. I just had to take a moment to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your blog and also to thank you for your post from 11/2/2011. In the ‘How I Accessorize’ post you show us a citrus-colored dress from Target. When I originally read it back in November, I raced over to Target.com and purchased the deep teal one for myself. While in my local Target the next day, I found the perfect matching cardigan and had to say yes to it, too.

    That outfit has pretty much become my go-to dress ensemble when I need to look polished but feel like pj’s and a good book on the sofa. It’s so versatile and it works well with a myriad of accessory choices. Yesterday, I received SO many compliments (ended up purchasing a pair of peep-too fabric pumps in a teal, black, and white leopard on zebra print) on my outfit and to think I owe them all to you and your great fashion advice on your blog.

    Thanks for all things DWJ!

  3. Love your blog, made me smile! And if you love colour, you should check out our mega colourful satchels and get 10% off this Christmas with the code: 86N Feel free to let your followers know 🙂

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